Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cultural Diversity (from Reuters): "Eighty-three-year-old Maya Indian Cenorio Colli gazed lovingly at his wife’s long brown hair and recalled how carefully she combed it when she was still alive. Then he went back to cleaning her skull and every bone she left behind." It’s an annual tradition in Mexico’s Yucatan.

An Endless Loop (well, not endless, but—): Ohio man pays child support to the mother; mother dies; child moves in with him; he still has to keep paying into a drop-box until he can get a court order; court backed up at least 6 months.

Not Their Fault: Couple of teenagers trespassed into a fenced-off rail yard and climbed on one of the electric railroad cars to check out the view, then got badly burned by the traintop hot wires (12,500 volts). One guy, 75 percent of body burned; the other, 18. Whose fault? That would be Amtrak’s and Norfolk Southern’s, according to the jury in Philadelphia, which awarded $11.7m compensatory and $12.5m punitive.

It happened a week ago, but there’s now a campaign ad surfacing on it so Yr Editor feels free to use it: Wyoming’s Republican U.S. Rep. Barbara Cubin approached way-minor 3rd party challenger, Libertarian Tom Rankin (who is confined to a wheelchair, with multiple sclerosis), after their October 22 debate, angry that he had mentioned the dreaded "A" word during the show [er, Abramoff]. "If you weren’t sitting in that chair," said Wyoming’s alpha dog-ette (who occupies the House seat once warmed by Richard Cheney), "I’d slap you across the face."

Below The Fold
A convenience store robbery in Leesburg, Fla., got fatal when the perp shot the owner, but the bullet passed through his shoulder and killed the clerk, whose name (seriously) was Apu . . . . . For the second time in 8 months, Victoria (the Doberman pinscher) jumped up on the stove and started an apartment fire (this time, $100k worth) . . . . . Thinning the Herd: First, he somehow managed to shoot himself in the leg during a liquor store robbery, and second, he failed to recognize that he had hit an actual femoral artery.