Friday, October 27, 2006

Equality and Justice for All: So F State middle-school teacher Debra LaFave bonks one student a couple of times, gets 15-minutes-plus of fame, and avoids lockup. Now comes South Bend, Ind., middle-school teacher’s aide Schmeca White, 28, who, as far as we know, bonks no one but does take her clothes off in class and feel herself up, and not only has she been in lockup since her arrest 18 months ago, but she gets sentenced to over 7 more yrs, and Judge Roland Chamblee almost apologized for not giving her more, citing her previously clean record.

Recurring Theme (Another Ambitious Eruv): Yr Editor gets in trouble with indignant Jews by calling it weird that Orthodox synagogues expand their congregants’ freedom during the Sabbath by laying miles of string around town and calling the enclosure "home," or something akin to the place where everyone’s supposed to be resting for the day [NOTW 971, 9-17-2006]. Doing that allows observants the convenience of believing that they’re conforming to the Torah even though they’re sauntering all over the place, far from "home." Now, the Pacific Jewish Center in Venice, Calif., wants to lay string around much of Santa Monica, Venice, and Marina del Rey, to allow those cities’ Jews to take beach and boardwalk strolls on the Sabbath, but the state Coastal Commission is complaining that it would endanger a rare bird nesting area. Oy.

The first trial in that super-weird wave of successful pervert phone calls starting 7 yrs ago is live this week in, ahem, Shepherdsville, Ky. (schemes in which someone calls the manager of a fast food restaurant, posing as a cop or other authority, and convinces him or her to sexually grill and/or fondle employees, who are "suspected" by the "cop," who needs "evidence" that the manager can ascertain from the encounter). The defendant, David Stewart, of the F State, is charged in only one of the episodes, but authorities in at least six other states may want a shot at him after this trial is over. The manager of a McD’s testified this week in Shepherdsville that he carried out Stewart’s bizarre, three-hour surrogate interrogation of an 18-yr-old female because the caller was a "smooth talker" and "had control of my mind." Part of the manager’s CSI-type assistance was to make the woman run in place naked and then masturbate so that the manager could sniff her moisture, to be able to tell the caller what kind of illegal drugs she had been taking. [The previous NOTW stories are at [NOTW 811, 8-24-2003] [NOTW 731, 2-10-2002] [NOTW 667, 11-17-2000] [NOTW 570, 1-8-1999], including the mention of one suspect who was not involved in the Kentucky call.] [Wednesday's story] [Thursday's story] [Today's story]

Below The Fold
Residents of Liverpool are warned that Akinwale Arobieke has been released and is roaming the streets, tempted to feel your muscles or ask you do squats . . . . . For the second time in 10 days, a man on Florida’s east coast drowns underneath his lawnmower . . . . . New Scientist found a legitimate way this week to talk about people who crave sex in real time even though they’re asleep . . . . . He’s a doper; he’s not supposed to have a good memory: An employee hides his baggie in a bank deposit sack but later routinely stuffs the night’s receipts in the sack and drops it in the bank’s deposit box . . . . . An unintended fire at a Salt Lake City crematorium, caused by "fluids" leaking from a 600-lb. crematee that developed into, said a fire official, "[s]ort of like a grease fire."