Thursday, October 26, 2006

One State Avoids Turmoil; Another Doesn’t: The New Jersey Supreme Court passed the buck (for six more months) to the legislature yesterday on the gay-marriage thing, but NY’s more progressive Metropolitan Transit Authority (in setting a Human Rights Commission complaint by a transgender-rights group) agreed to open its rest rooms to TG’s based on what they’ve chosen to be. That will probably be less of a problem to Betty-cum-Bobs in the men’s rooms than it will be when the weird-Hermans realize that a dress and pumps get them an all-access pass to listen to the ladies pee.

The Scottish judge who said she thought all Japanese males look alike [Backstage, 10-24-2006] actually said all Chinese males look alike (which is convenient, since the defendant was Chinese). (I won’t dig too deeply into my subconscious to explore my error, though, because when I re-checked the story in my pile, I saw that the two stories on top of it and the one underneath it were all from Japan, which is as far as I want to explore it.) The incident is especially embarrassing to Yr Editor, in that the defendant’s name, Mr. Hui Yu, suggests the old Garry Shandling joke. (On a Chinatown street, Shandling shouts at a guy, "Hey, you!" and half the people turn around and look at him, and one guy yells back, "Who, me?" and the other half turn around.)

Below The Fold
Can’t possibly be true (can it?): "95 small zip lock bags [of heroin were] concealed in Thomas J. ‘Rambo’ Galvin, Jr.’s anus," according to the Harwich (Mass.) Oracle . . . . . After a high-speed driver was finally stopped by police in Perth, Australia, he had to be hospitalized because, for some reason, he desired to headbutt the pavement repeatedly, bloodying his face . . . . . Drug agents raid a seedy trailer in rural New Mexico and confiscate a meth lab—oh, and also classified documents from Los Alamos . . . . . A shopkeeper in Mahopac, N.Y., got angry at a guy parking in front of his store, and fortunately for the shopkeeper, there just happened to be an idle forklift nearby . . . . . Owwwwwww! Doctors at Western Galilee Hospital in Israel removed a grapefruit-sized, calcified stone from a woman’s bladder . . . . . Bad enough that a drug-addicted mother contaminated her baby in the womb, but then, when the six-month-old stopped breathing and mom called 000 [911] for CPR instructions, she paused right in the middle of the call for a smoke . . . . . In Sonoma County, Calif., a motorist was found dead in his car—said car being found suspended in a tree . . . . . A 14-yr-old girl, who was at first so eager to meet a "Washington" man after Internet chatting that she bought a plane ticket and traveled on her own, ratted him out when she got scared at being all alone at a D.C. airport—while he was waiting for her in Seattle . . . . . Ronald Kuch, 44, of Saginaw, Mich., was arrested after being spotted having sex with a dead dog (which belonged to his ex-girlfriend) [Ed.: Actually, I don’t know about the "ex-" part; I’m just speculating] . . . . . Some discharge or other into China’s Red River near the city of Lanzhou turned the water all yellow . . or, no, wait, the discharge turned the Yellow River red, yeah, that’s it.