Monday, October 30, 2006

That “Promise Keepers”/men-crying thing is so yesterday: “At the daylong GodMen event [Nashville’s Tennessean reports], men will be able to cuss, smoke cigars, watch videos of football pileups and car crashes, listen to specially composed Christian rock songs such as ‘Testosterone High,’ and attend workshops on how to fight pornography addiction.”

Inside NOTW
Another candidate for exception to No Longer Weird: A rural school board race in Alaska ended in a tie, so they flipped a coin. Ho-hum. But the catch is that, when they flipped it, one of the candidates was already dead, and she won the toss.
Yr Editor is not a Target shareholder, but I’ll include this additional information about the padded-bras story (for girls as young as 6) in the current NOTW 977: Target in Australia, which sells the “bra-lettes,” is completely independent of Target in the U.S. (although in the Internet age, you’d think they’d have any confusion worked out by now).

Below The Fold
If Chicago police have, indeed infiltrated local anti-war groups, they’d better brush up on their techniques because they just sent “hundreds” of officers to secure a canceled street demonstration . . . . . World record for free time: Oregon authorities found a man’s 51 three-ring binders of porn, plus 617 videotapes’ worth and about 950 CDs-DVDs’ worth . . . . . A man bungee-falling out of a tree to scare people on a Halloween hayride was victimized by a weak bungee and is no longer with us (but jeez, were they ever frightened!) . . . . . In the Washington, D.C., trial of two men accused of the heartbreaking murder of a 14-yr-old girl “snitch,” a juror had to be booted off during deliberations when she couldn’t stop proclaiming their innocence via birth-date/letters-in-name numerology . . . . . Just after NY’s Metropolitan Transit Authority decided to let trannies (and alleged trannies) use the restrooms of their choice [Backstage, 10-26-2006], women in Italy’s parliament raise hell about the same issue . . . . . Where sports aren’t unionized: A Bulgarian soccer player says he’ll obey the club’s order to get married.