Friday, November 17, 2006

Below The Fold
Two soldier-hotties in the news today (one American, one Israeli) . . . . . Contractors working to enclose balconies in an F State apartment complex don’t get a lot of them enclosed fast enough, y’know, before the heavy rains come . . . . . Speaking of flooded apartments, there’s this guy, who doesn’t want to answer cops’ questions about his and threatens to report them to his late uncle, Chief Justice Rehnquist . . . . . Rescuers diving for two missing boaters near Salt Lake City don’t find them, but they did find three other bodies . . . . . President Bush has critics everywhere, including this Indonesian black-magic man who sliced a goat and a snake, mixed the blood with powder, drank some, and smeared some on his face in a failed attempt to freak out Bush’s Secret Service detail . . . . . According to this researcher at Paris’s Pasteur Institute, if I spit in your face, you should thank me . . . . . And two thieves were loose on a train in Britain, but they’re finally in custody, after cops circulated this delightful photo of the vicious sociopaths.