Monday, November 20, 2006

(Much) More Information Needed
from Saturday’s NY Post: "A former Brooklyn Hospital medical resident was sentenced yesterday for a sex attack—in which he mistakenly left his wedding ring inside the victim." There’s no further explanation of that, and only one more sentence of other details, but you can check for yourself.

Here’s more news on the Dec. 22 World Orgasm day [Backstage 11-18-2006].’s traveler visits the ethnic Mosuo community around Lugu Lake in Tibet, which, as we know [NOTW 694, 5-22-2001; NOTW 934, 1-1-2006] is a place where the chicks hold all the power (although, like everywhere else, culture fades where commerce rears its head).

Below The Fold
Disney in Britain held an open call for a spokesparrot for the release of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean DVD: "The winning parrot will need to have an outgoing personality, remain calm under pressure, and have screen presence" . . . . . Researchers at the Univ. of Munich medical school report that spider monkeys rub chewed-up leaves over themselves, perhaps as a perfume thing (having found that caca doesn’t grab the babes?) . . . . . A suspect in a Detroit gang shooting is caught after he nonchalantly takes his expensive coat to the cleaners to have the bloodstains removed . . . . . Undignified Death: the Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston, 21, 5-foot-8, 88 lbs., with a BMI of 13.5 (15 is the upper level of "starvation") . . . . . It’s that time again: the season’s first house-burndown from deep-frying a turkey (Hurleyville, N.Y.) . . . . . A sleepy, impoverished mountain village in Peru decides to raise money the old-fashioned way: attracting tourists by creating sex exhibits . . . . . Woo, talk about embarrassing! A man happened to be dropping by the Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, N.Y., to visit his grandmother's grave just when groundskeeper James Scott was peeing on it.