Friday, November 03, 2006

A Tokyo entrepreneur has opened Cats Livin’, which might solve a lot of problems in the U.S., as well. For the equivalent of $8 or $9, stressed-out executives can either get 10 minutes’ worth of oxygen therapy or relax for a bit in a room full of purring cats (refreshing, since not many people can keep cats in cramped Tokyo apartments). So, if we had places like that here, cat ladies might get gov’t grants for periodic visits (the cost of grants being less than the cleanup and demolition costs of their feces-encrusted homes).

In another one of those death-penalty-lawyer horror stories, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled, by virtue of a 7-7 tie (tie goes to the lower courts), that it was OK by them if Kentucky executes James Slaughter for a 1983 murder. That is, it’s OK despite the fact that Slaughter’s crack defense lawyer, Ferdinand Radolovich, didn’t even know that Slaughter was actually Jeffrey Leonard or that the Leonard family would have testified about Jeffrey’s brain damage and childhood beatings if they had known he was on trial, and even though Radolovich had claimed to have tried four death-penalty cases before when in fact the correct number was zero. The seven affirmers said he’s a vicious dude, no matter what his name is.

Below The Fold
The manager of Planet Fitness in Wappingers Falls, N.Y., calls the police to escort out a member for violating the club’s "no grunting" rule . . . . . How is it that people can find the time to think of stuff like this: New Jersey’s Dennis Westphal, 19, arrested after using a lawn mower to design a racial slur out of the tall grass he was cutting . . . . . For the second time in 10 days, motorists with buzzes on mistook the guard gate at Illinois’s Braidwood nuclear power plant for something else—last Saturday, thinking it was a gas station, and the week before, thinking it was a toll plaza . . . . . Christian-type weddings are now 90 percent of the total in Japan (though only 1 percent of Japanese are Christian) because they like the pageantry, and that creates a market for round-eyed fake preachers . . . . . Best headline (from Knoxville, Tenn.): "Dad Who Tried to Sacrifice Boy Gets Probation" . . . . . Worst explanation: Oliver Alonzo Shepherd, 42 and utterly no relation—don’t even think about it—arrested for harassing a woman in the middle of the night in Covington, Ga., said he was only looking for the remote control that operates his legs [from the Newton Citizen, Newton County, Ga., 11-1-2006, but not online].