Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now that players of the total-immersion online game Second Life are worrying about how to protect their virtual capital gains from U.S. taxation [Backstage, 10-17-2006] and keeping up with their virtual society via their own Reuters bureau chief [Backstage, 10-16-2006], they can also look forward to their own weekly virtual newspaper ("show business and human interest tales from the avatar world," said a spokesman), to be published in English by the company that puts out Germany’s reeking tabloid Bild.

Below The Fold
Dios’s Will: A Colombian climbed a 45-ft-tall statue of Jesus to pray for the miraculous cure of his epilepsy but fell, and now on top of the epilepsy, he's got multiple fractures of the wrist, hip, and skull . . . . . In India’s Bihar state, the gov’t is hiring eunuchs to do over-the-top song-and-dance stuff to embarrass tax cheats at home and business . . . . . In Cornwall, England, party-loathing residents install three space-age retractable urinals in the street (they rise up only at night) to spare their walls and sidewalks of pub-crawlers’ urinating . . . . . Ronald Schulz argues to a Toronto court that, since he’s in prison, his alimony and child support payments should be lowered (even though the reason he’s in prison was paying a hit man to break his ex’s neck) . . . . . Even better: Sarah Reich demands immunity for two DUI citations—since she was on her way home from AA meetings . . . . . Yikes! Barbados crops are being invaded by hundreds of thousands of nocturnal-only African snails, about the size of human hands!