Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Virginia state gov’t needs IQ tests for its high officials: The new head of the state Dept. of Transportation, recently hired from Idaho, dropped by a DMV for a driver’s license, including waiting in line, which was a nice touch to see how his troops treat people. The troops passed. DOT Commissioner Dave Ekern, though, somehow got the idea that he could just walk into a Virginia driver’s license station and get a license without proving he lives in Virginia. D'Oh! So the troops sent him home for documentation. He returned with something, stood in line again cheerfully, and got his license.

140,000 Americans are slogging through hell right now to make the USA safe for this: For the holiday season, you can buy doghouses (models for $10k, $20k, as much as $100k) from Doggie Mansions of West Palm Beach, in styles such as Key West cottage and New England colonial, with Spanish-tile roofs, flat-screen TV’s, air-conditioning, and, of course, beyond the basics, you can buy some frivolous add-ons!

On closer inspection, Yr Editor misread the story [Backstage, 11-23-2006] of the chickens that came out of the compost in a zombie-like state at the California farm. They were actual "spent hens" that managed to survive the gas chamber; they were not from eggs laid around the time of death by so-called spent hens that were in reality unspent.

Below The Fold
An IHOP manager in Quincy, Mass., got the bright idea (to stop "dine and dash"’ers) to require all customers to drop off their driver’s licenses when they come in (until the corporate office found out and went nuts) . . . . . Well, sure: A driver accidentally smashed into an optical store, where she had an appointment for eyeglasses . . . . . The family of Singapore-executed drug trafficker Nguyen Tuong Van marked the first anniversary of his death by releasing balloons in Melbourne, Australia . . . . . That dead-dead-deadly poison that killed ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko? Buy it on the Internet (one "trace," $69) . . . . . The Texas Ethics Commission (OK, grab hold of yourself, now; there really is one) issued a ruling Monday saying state officials need to declare money gifts of any amount—but only with by the single words "currency" or "check" . . . . . A window-washer in downtown Nashville fell asleep on the job 15 stories up and was rescued by firefighters, who thought he was hanging there, dead . . . . . Crisis in a South Boston housing project: A Haitian family is being evicted after allegedly refusing to engage in apartment-hygiene and thus requiring 10 state-paid visits in a yr to kill cockroaches and bedbugs . . . . . Two Decatur, Ill., guys carjacked a Nissan and then, in some shallow-seated display of teenage angst, drove by the crime scene (as the victims talked to cops) and honked the horn; they were arrested after a chase. [CORRECTED: It wasn't a carjacking but just a street robbery from perps' own car.]