Monday, November 06, 2006

What Goes Around, Comes Around: The only Enron spouse who gets to keep the money that came in from the executives’ shenanigans ($9m worth) is William Dodson, who is the spouse of soon-to-be-imprisoned Michael Kopper. That’s because, of course, they can’t be legal spouses. All the opposite-sex spouses have had to give everything back, but prosecutors are sort-of forced to treat Dodson as an indirect beneficiary, and they haven’t gone after any of them (yet).

Cape Town inventor Willem van Rensburg has a patent for his 1-second condom (break open the package and apply it in 3 seconds if you’re slow, 1 second when you get the hang of it), and now has started to market it in South Africa. [Ed.: Patent, hell! Polish off a damned Nobel for the dude! And not for "science," either; Nobel for world peace.]

Below The Fold
Utah’s crime rate must not be much because this guy is the state’s Public Enemy Number One (but you’ve gotta see the mug shot) . . . . . Does Bush know that the Iraq was is over? (Two Army recruiters tell prospects exactly that, caught on ABC News hidden cameras) . . . . . A California judge tells Fred Goldman, You’re no O. J. Simpson . . . . . Who knew? "Interviewing" 200 dogs to see what music they respond to, a dog-CD producer found they "love sambas, hate Johnny Cash" and that a drum rimshot scares them.