Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The German Versions of U.S. Sen. Ted (the Internet is a series of tubes) Stevens: Apparently, several legislators in the German states of Bavaria and Lower Saxony are drafting bills to make it a crime for video-game players to inflict "cruel violence" on human-appearing characters in the games. This, of course, is a response to some odd, lone game-player who went nuts recently and killed some real people, and the legislators are certain that the millions of violent-game players who don’t kill real people are surely just ticking time bombs.

F-$tate Trailer Tra$h
The all-mobile-home community of Briny Breezes, Fla. (owned outright by its 488 residents), on the Atlantic just south of Palm Beach, accepted a bid by Ocean Land Investments and will sell its entire 43 acres for $510 million, which works out to, er, $1.045 million each.

Inside NOTW
The "10 Most Bizarre People on Earth" includes our old friend Alfred Merhan Nasseri, and the Japanese guy who is certain he is Jesus Christ, and a couple of others Yr Editor has featured as they have come up in contemporary news stories. [Link from Fortean Times]

Below The Fold
"Mom is over the top," "everything she does is over the top," said the adult daughter of Melody Howell of Rock Hill, S.C., on Mom’s 52 large, fully-decorated Christmas trees throughout the house . . . . . The principal of Needham (Mass.) High School said no longer will the honor roll be published in the local newspaper because it causes too much stress in our "high expectations-high achievement culture" . . . . . Cops found the 42-inch plasma TV that Radisson Hotel employee Richard Perez was seen on video taking from the property; it was under his Christmas tree, wrapped, with a card: "[to] Mom, Honey Bunny from Big Papa, Daddy" . . . . . Univ. of Illinois-Chicago researchers will study the secret lives of urban squirrels (which, among other things, dig holes to pretend to bury nuts while lipping the nuts, to fool eavesdroppers) . . . . . Virginia high school art teacher Stephen Murmur is in trouble for his part-time flamboyancy: He paints with his naked ass (but, hey, he tried to disguise his ID, by calling himself Stan Murmur).