Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Inexplicable in Knoxville: It looks like a garden-variety fraud, but was it perpetrated against the claimed victim, or by him? It looks more like he is the victim, but then if he is out $1.8m now, why does the perp’s "ill-gotten gain" look like an "ill-gotten never-was-anything-to-begin-with"? And why would the "victim" even deal with an e-mail guy named Ahmed Kudizoo? Yr Editor has a headache.

Inside NOTW
Well, Yr Editor has never run the story, but several dozen people have pitched it to me over the years: the well-known urban legend of Richard Gere and the gerbil. Now, Sly Stallone tells the MSNBC gossipmeister that Gere probably thinks Sly started it after he got Gere fired from a 1974 movie.

Below The Fold
Failure of imagination: An Australian was jailed for 9 yrs after he twice in a month dressed in his mother’s clothes and robbed the same business . . . . . Police in New Zealand had the bright idea to distract a wayward teen from a life of crime by sending him to class to learn about computers, but you can guess how that turned out (A Hacker Is Born!) . . . . . At the Asian Games, a silver-winning Japanese female wrestler was called away from her press conference by her dad, who was so angry at her for not winning gold that he ordered her to drop down and give him 50 on the spot . . . . . In Karachi, pro-rape activists protested the new anti-Sharia law, demanding a return to the minimum-four-witnesses rule . . . . . A 28-yr-old, none-too-subtle, illegal Muslim from India was detained after the Nationwide Tractor Trailer Driving School in Smithfield, R.I., reported him for having three driver’s licenses and not being interested in learning how to back the rig up . . . . . A Denver evangelist resigned because he’s gay (no, not that one) . . . . . The Bishop of the London borough of Southwark is on the verge of early retirement after he got plastered at a reception, climbed into a stranger’s car, threw some things out the window, and staggered home (leaving church property behind) . . . . . Joe Jackson walked in to a Chicago law firm on Friday and killed three people (before police killed him); though he had a rap sheet, he had apparently tried to turn his life around by inventing a toilet for long-haul truckers (until a patent lawyer spoiled his glory).