Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Inside NOTW
A reader objected that I referred to the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the NY Transit Authority [NOTW 982, 12-3-2006] in the which-gendered restroom dispute as a "transsexual man" when the plaintiff is currently a female and formerly a male. I actually thought carefully about this wording when I wrote the piece and decided to value clarity over "[whatever adjective you choose] correctness." The weirdness in this episode to me is that men taking leaks are much less fearful of a masculinized Bonnie walking in on them than are women taking leaks fearful of a feminized Barney walking on them. To economize on space, I referred to the lead plaintiff in question as a "transsexual man," which I thought better conveys the fear. (And yes, economizing is very important to Yr Editor, since the News of the Weird column is still primarily a print-newspaper feature.)

Yr Editor didn’t post yesterday and is still plagued by an intermittently-spirited cable-modem connection that will be addressed by a witch doctor from the ISP on Friday (between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., they say). Until then, there may be posts, or not, as the gods dictate. The only thing I’m sure of is that I can’t possibly do the story-collecting work for this weblog via dial-up.

Below The Fold
An all-saleslady car showroom opened in Riyadh (because Saudi chicks can own cars but just not drive them) . . . . . A 19-yr-old man, escorting his mom to her gate at Indianapolis Int’l Airport, was arrested because he was wearing his bulletproof vest (which he said he forgot he had on, but then said he thought maybe they’d be terrorists at the airport) . . . . . The Murfreesboro, Tenn., man robbed that bank, he said, because his life was going south, capped by his dog eating his parrot . . . . . A Rock Hill, S.C., mother has her son, 12, arrested for opening his Christmas present early after she told him not to . . . . . A St. Louis woman shot her husband dead because, it says here, he had served her beer that was warm . . . . . An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Nashville after passengers smelled matches burning in the cabin, and after an investigation concluded that a woman struck several matches because she had been farting . . . . . A scholarly hallway discussion in the Technology Dept. at Northern Illinois Univ. ended when one professor clobbered the other with a metal bar . . . . . The driver of a float in the Anderson, S.C., Christmas parade was arrested after he got frustrated at the slow float in front of him and raced around it, speeding down the street (and alcohol was involved) . . . . . In New Zealand, the drunk (passenger) leading the blind (driver), but not very well . . . . . And also in New Zealand, Maori elders declare success after spraying Waikato River water on two highways to free up the spirits of crash victims.