Friday, December 01, 2006

Notes from the American underbelly: Anthony Capone, a spokesman for the website (a clearinghouse for people to report snitches), told the Associated Press: "If people [snitches] got hurt or killed, it’s kind of on them. They knew the dangers of becoming an informant. We’d feel bad, don’t get me wrong, but things happen to people. If they decide to become an informant, with or without the web site, that’s a possibility." [ was recently suspended.]

The Laws of Irony Are Strictly Enforced: At St. Albans City Park in Charleston, W.Va., the city gov’t has put out a creche every December for ten yrs, including this yr. Why is that not unconstitutional? It’s because there’s no Jesus, no Mary, not even three Wise Men. It’s just the well-known scene of Jesus’s birth but only the building, straw, and a couple of animals. Militant Christians don’t like it, but the city manager, defending his work, inadvertently hit them where it hurts: "What it looks like [i.e., the manger, or something else] depends on [their] imagination." Uh, hey . . ..

Recall that at Castro Valley High School (south of San Fran), a group of parents went nuts last month because their little dears weren’t picked for the team by the obviously ignorant girls’ basketball coach and so won a school board concession that an independent panel would pick the team [Backstage, 10-23-2006]. Well, the independent panel didn’t pick any of those girls, either, and now the parents are really mad! What’ll they demand next? [Kofi Annan know anything about basketball? Jimmy Carter?]

Below The Fold
Cmdr. Frank Bainimarama, the head of the military in Fiji, announced yesterday that he plans to overthrow the gov’t some time today if they don’t do a couple of things that he wants . . . . . Jennifer Stark, 19, got a whole six months’ non-reporting probation and a $1k fine for a DWDRT that caused a bicyclist’s death (Driving While Downloading Ring Tones) . . . . . Jacqueline Vulch got 8 yrs in prison for injecting her 12-yr-old nephew with H and coke in January (but at least she appears to have finally gotten her act together since the crime, as you can see from this picture) . . . . . 17th-century Cumbria county, England, had severe problems with violence, as apparently the Nat’l Frying Pan Association was successful in blocking frying-pan-control . . . . . At something called the Institute for Condom Consistency in Singen, Germany, they’re working on a space-age spray thingee that a man can stick his thingee into, and it comes out all coated with rubber, and voilá! a custom fit.