Friday, December 15, 2006

The Tipping Point on Outsourcing: Ship your manufacturing job overseas, tough noogies. Ship your call-center job overseas, tough noogies. Ship legal work overseas, that’s different! You’re messing with the wrong people. DuPont and other companies have moved about $80m/yr of their legal work to lawyers in India, and this thing might catch on.

Literary Nastiness: It looks here like Michael Crichton was supremely ticked at a New Republic review of State of Fear and took out after the reviewer Michael Crowley in his new novel Next by naming a minor character "Mick Crowley," with the same alma mater and occupation as Michael and then describing Mick’s crime of raping a baby and maiming him despite Mick’s having a small clinton. Michael Crowley accuses Crichton of using the "small [clinton] rule" of defamation, which is to cleanse any libelous statement you write by accusing your target of having a small clinton, thus pressuring him not to speak up. Neat.

You’ll Be Reading About This for a While: Brit Stephen Tame, 29, has filed a claim for the equivalent of $6.6m against his employer for a head injury, even though he has completely recovered physically. The trouble, he said, is that the injury scrambled his brain and left him severely sexually disinhibited (porn, prostitutes, extramarital affairs, and a very disapproving wife).

Update: That snot-nosed, Jeannette, Pa., kid who meowed incessantly at the neighbor lady (and who lied about it, swearing that he only did it twice) [Backstage, 8-25-2006] caught a break when everyone got tired of litigating the harassment case.

Below The Fold
Location, Location, Location: It’s the office whose windows open onto the parking lot underneath Seattle’s best suicide landing spot . . . . . Unintelligent Design: a deer with 7 legs and both genders! (and no, you can’t see it, because the guy who ran across it was hungry) . . . . . Iowa escapee charged with escape, plus theft (i.e., the handcuffs he was wearing) . . . . . Tired of ridicule, villagers in Fjuckby, Sweden, petition to change the name . . . . . The Russian post office has finally started delivering the, er, 4.5 tons of mail from the U.S. that had been held up in Finland for, er, 8 yrs . . . . . Britain has its own problem with senior drivers: a 70-yr-old pilot let his single-engine plane take off without him . . . . . Another reason not to snort cocaine (i.e., you don’t know where it’s been): 81-yr-old woman caught smuggling cocaine in her panties . . . . . Take a look at this lovely couple, and you can see why the Lord was making it so hard for them to conceive (But damn that Internet! They found sperm!) . . . . . A Detroit Tigers official disclosed why relief pitcher Joel Zumaya, who had blown away the Yankees in the first round of this yr’s playoffs, went limp in the World Series: Too much "Guitar Hero" video game weakened his wrist (seriously) . . . . . And more seriously, how can you ever get any work done if you give interviews on "circumcision" studies for the World Health Organization and your name is Kevin De Cock? . . . . . Birth of 1,000 Punchlines: A Quebec man receives a mechanical heart that constantly pumps blood so that he is, his doctors say, the only living Canadian without a pulse.