Saturday, December 02, 2006

A bureaucrat must have gotten carried away, said the Fairfax County (Va.) Board; we’re not prohibiting homemade gift food for the homeless [Backstage, 11-30-2006] . . . . . The ex-mayor of Appalachia, Va., pleaded guilty to 233 felony counts of vote fraud in a case that came to light when one woman complained that she was offered pork rinds to vote for him [NOTW 945, 3-19-2006].

Below The Fold
Sounds Like a Joke: Columbia Univ.’s graduate J-school is investigating evidence that prospective journalists cheated on a take-home ethics exam . . . . . At Brock Shepherd’s Rice Bar in Toronto, "bacon-infused vodka" (Mmmm, vodka!) . . . . . See, this is the kind of thing you depend on Yr Editor to inform you of: the "Giraffe Studbook" . . . . . A granny in Arizona was busted with 214 lbs. of pot, which the prosecutor said she was dealing, to feed her bingo habit . . . . . A 20-yr, mid-level CIA guy was fired for his avocation of serial burglar, including of 1,074 pairs of women’s panties . . . . . Bogus tree surgeons finally get busted after they slip up and offer to trim one homeowner’s tree that is actually a utility pole covered in ivy . . . . . Near Meadville, Pa., three men with rifles deerjack a hunter of his fresh meat . . . . . It's not your redneck niece's meth anymore: Guy set up a lab in his NYC penthouse because he couldn't find good meth on the street . . . . . Speaking of bureaucrats getting carried away, a freshly-discharged guy in a waiting area at Tameside General Hospital in Ashton, England, doubled up in pain and fell to the floor, but they just handed his adult daughter a phone and told her to call 999 (911) . . . . . Yikes! A rabid bat mingling with the patrons at the Forum 4 Theaters in Uvalde, Texas.