Friday, January 12, 2007

Bad Day at Morgues: A construction worker apparently fell 4 floors to his death at a job site, er, naked . . . . . It looks like Keith Lord Snyder, 55, took The Only Way Out in the midst of his trial over his hobby of photographing seminude youngsters . . . . . A 33-yr-old man in Oakland, Calif., was gunned down after he parked in someone else’s reserved space . . . . . David James Brooks Jr, 62, is still alive, after being shot twice for having an opinion about the height of the late James Brown that challenged Dan Gulley’s opinion . . . . . And in what Yr Editor reluctantly acknowledges is probably a crime, a couple in Erba, Italy, were arrested for killing a family long regarded as excessively noisy.

Below The Fold
Math wasn’t coming easy to the 40-yr-old GED student (by the way, with 27 arrests under her belt), so, naturally, she stabbed her teacher . . . . . Adam Fizer, 24, who got off with probation on an attempted-theft charge, was captured on courthouse surveillance video minutes later, stealing signs off a wall . . . . . Kwok Wah-cheong pleaded guilty in Hong Kong to hiring 4 people to allow themselves to be surgically blinded so Kwok could pull accident-insurance scams (2 of the 4 actually went through with it) . . . . . The four 17-yr-olds who were arrested in a crime spree in Monroe, La., famously call themselves "the duck mafia" (although neither police nor press knows why) [Link from] . . . . . A British Columbia parent blasted her kids’ school’s yoga class: "There’s God, and there’s the devil, and the devil’s not a gentleman. If you give him any kind of an opening, he will take it" . . . . . Too Much Information: A zoo in Devon, England, has set up several 24-hour webcams trained on a black rhinoceros about to give birth (apparently hoping for some quasi-gyno shots) . . . . . And the San Bernardino Sun reports gritty testimony from an undercover investigator on contract to the county, trying to gather evidence on prostitution at a strip club and who, well, didn’t stop when he should have: "I didn’t have time to clear my head. I was aroused. I was waiting for the cavalry to come over the hill."