Thursday, January 25, 2007

Can’t Possibly Be True: The slot-machine screen, and an employee, at the Philadelphia Park racetrack (Bensalem, Pa.) quite clearly and unambiguously told Stephen Wilkinson he had just won $102k but then management came along and said, no, no, sorry, we were just testing the software (but here, have these two meal tickets on us).

Below The Fold
Who knew? The patriotic "U-S-A!" chant (at Baraboo, Wis., High School, anyway) really means that the opponents draw human posterior into their mouths by creating partial vacuums . . . . . A well-conceived, meticulously executed theft of high-end art and antiques trucked away from a San Francisco home was, er, shot to hell when one of the perps blew the cover by trying to sell it back 3 days later from the same truck . . . . . If you call 911 to report smoke coming from a barbecue restaurant, you know the dispatcher’s gonna give you a hard time (which, it turns out, was too bad for the owner of the restaurant) . . . . . At age 20, he was certain he had found the woman to bear his babies, but it might have been just too much coffee that made him think he needed that assault rifle . . . . . Netherlands TV’s next big thing: a dating game for the "visibly disfigured" (mercifully no longer called "Monster Love") . . . . . Scientists at Germany’s Institute of Systematic Zoology and Evolutionary Biology concluded, after 3 yrs’ study, that when sloths don’t do something, they don’t do it for a long time.