Friday, January 05, 2007

Cooool! The soon-to-be-born kid of Glen and Rebekah Markham in N’Awlins might be the first birth from one of the rescued frozen embryos that had to be plucked from a Hurricane Katrina flood 16 months ago, and what a legacy the kid’ll have! Lakeland Hospital protected the embryos pretty well at the time, but the rescue was difficult, and made just in time to avoid thawing, and unlike the superficially anonymous little specks we normally think of as embryos, this kid will have a real backstory.

Extraterrestrials are apparently getting stupid: After decades of hovering in America only in rural areas within sight of downscale witnesses, a UFO (paranormals’ terminology upgrade here: UAP, which is Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) was spotted over Gate C17 at Chicago’s O’Hare in November, witnessed by about a dozen United employees, including a couple of pilots. Word didn’t get out until last week because, of course, gov’t agencies and the control tower said, Nothing to see here.

Speaking of N’Awlins, a Washington Post report quotes nonpolitical authorities in the area, warning that the city is doing the very same damn thing it did before Katrina, which is build promiscuously and indiscriminately (with gov’t dollars) in the most flood-risky areas. The political authorities, on the other hand (notably, Mayor Nagin), tell the citizens, Scratch that itchy scab, Build wherever the hell you want to call home (and keep voting for us if you like it like that).

How to make $7,500 a day: Bryn Mawr student Janet Lee made her own anti-stress squeeze thingees, consisting of condoms filled with flour. According to her, she didn’t know that cocaine smugglers use condoms [aren’t Bryn Mawr kids supposed to be smarter than that?] so she never thought twice about taking her thingees through airport security. Well, she got held in Philadelphia as a smuggler for 21 days before being released (because, well, labs only work fast on TV). Latest: She just settled her lawsuit against the city for $160k, or $7,619 a day.

Below The Fold
Another kid’s copycat Saddam-hanging (to go with the one in Pakistan reported here [1-3-2007]), in Webster, Tex., near Houston . . . . . An Aussie, enraged over mistreatment of an insurance claim, walked into a Commonwealth Bank in Innisfail (near Cairns) and threatened people with a deadly, deadly, uh, piece of asbestos . . . . . The dynamism of the free market: Mannequin manufacturers are making women with bigger breasts (which, by the way, won’t do mannequin-fetishist Ronald Dotson much good because if he’s convicted on his latest arrest, he’ll do a major stretch as a habitual offender).