Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dig deep enough, and everyone has an issue—even guys like prominent Univ. of North Carolina public-health researcher Hugh Tilson (accused of having his way with himself in a crowded airport restroom) and Lord Justice Richards of the Court of Appeal in Britain (accused of demonstrating himself to a female train passenger).

Update: Ed Brown (the New Hampshire tax evader [NOTW Daily, 1-19-2007]) is still holed up and attracting a swarm of anti-tax and black-helicopter types to his home, where he plans to fight to the bloody end when IRS’s jack-booted, Waco-oriented thugs come for him. He's said repeatedly that he’d rather be dead than pay those taxes, which aligns him with Constitution Ranger William Miller: "Ed Brown, my friend and mentor, for patriotic reasons, is now worth more to me, and to what I stand for, dead, than alive." Mrs. Brown, though, convicted with him, has moved out and has crazily chosen to join the rest of us mindless humps in accepting the torturous 20-something-percent skim of our income.

Below The Fold
United Press Int’l reported from Buenos Aires that a tattoo artist, asked by a teenager to ink the logo of a soccer team on his back (but a team the tattoo artist hates), inked a big clinton, instead, and now the kid’s suing . . . . . Actual Headline (AP story on NYC’s WINS radio website): "Son Gets Six Months, Probation for Dismembering Mother" . . . . . Communism survives on yet another continent: Britons and Canadians arriving at a super-isolated spot in Antarctica find remnants of a 1956 Soviet outpost, topped with a glorious, still-pristine statue of Lenin . . . . . An Australian psychologist allegedly told the bulimic woman that her only hope for cure would be to take off her clothes and to let him beat her with this coat-hanger, and she said, Well, if it’s the only way . . ..