Saturday, January 27, 2007

Filmmaker Dominic Scott Kay filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles on Thursday against a financial backer of his short "Saving Angelo" (starring Kevin Bacon), demanding "creative control" of the work. That’s about it, the whole story. Oh, wait . . . Dominic is 10 yrs old.

I Cannot Tell a Lie: According to the Cook County, Ill., sheriff, George Robotis, 44, has been representing clients, felicitously, in courts in Chicago and suburbia, and Indiana, for at least a year. Small cases, small fees, but there he was, and no complaints against him. Ten days ago, he was representing a guy on a marijuana possession charge in Judge John Kirby’s courtroom in Chicago when Kirby noticed Robotis’s bar-association member number was missing from his filing. What’s your number, Mr. Robotis? "Oh, I’m not an attorney." (He’s picked up a lot, though, stemming from his 23 larceny convictions, plus others.)

Below The Fold
Glenn Vickers was arrested for DUI, shortly after he, sloppily tailgating the high sheriff in Charleston, W.Va., flipped him the finger as he peeled off—and crashed into a guardrail . . . . . California mountain lions must be pussies because it says here that a 65-yr-old woman fought one off of her husband in Redlands State Park using a small piece of wood and a ball-point pen . . . . . Arrested on felony marijuana possession charges in Tampa: the 23-yr-old Mr. Steve Innocent (and, actually, he might be) . . . . . A retired Plimmerton, New Zealand, man, angry that new mansions were sullying his historic neighborhood, spray-painted the colloquial for caca on the latest (but he’s sorry, and no charges will be filed) . . . . . Aaron de Bruyn was arrested in Washington state for Tasering his wife’s grandmother, but Yr Editor can't see the crime: After all, she wouldn’t stop dogging his parental skills, and after he told her to get out, he gave her 60 seconds, and counted them down, before pulling the trigger. I mean, come on! . . . . . The decidely-pale mayor of Brazoria, Tex. (pop. 2787, 50 miles south of Houston), proposed to ban the ol’ n-word in the city, at a penalty of up to $500 per . . . . . At Ada Barak’s spa in northern Israel, you can get a massage featuring the relaxing slithering of six nonvenomous snakes on your body . . . . . A nun-run hospice in Oxford, England, granted the terminally-ill 22-yr-old man his wish to lose his virginity, and a prostitute was procured . . . . . One of the people who’ll get compensation (at least £107,000 for a broken leg) in the July 7 London bombings is a 1985 convicted vicious rapist, whose two victims tapped the compensation fund at that time for, er, £7,000 each (figure £13,000 in today’s pounds).