Saturday, January 20, 2007

Inside NOTW
You Heard It Here First: A NY couple is going through a divorce but have built a wall on the 2nd floor of their 3-story townhouse so that each has half the place. The AP is on that story, or, you could have read it here 10 months ago [NOTW 945, 3-19-2006] And a Washington Post reporter sure is dazzled (on the front page) to find out about Shiite mutaa marriages, where a man can legally take a wife for a few minutes, get his rocks off, and divorce her, but we all were dazzled to find that out 11 months ago [NOTW 942, 2-26-2006]. Happy to be of service.

Below The Fold
Official-style humiliation to some is urinating on their holy book; to this Japanese man, it was being forced to step on pieces of paper with made-up quotations from his dad . . . . . He makes nearly $60k a week, but he got caught in a store changing the price label on a toilet seat . . . . . A 29-yr-old man shaved his body and conned at least 2 older men into thinking he was 12 when they had sex, and the men were said to be "very upset" when cops told them he was 29 . . . . . The pricy Wagyu cattle in Western Australia already get fed the choicest grains, but now they’re getting a liter a day of Chestnut Grove 2004 cabernet merlot soaked in, which Margaret River Premium Meat Exports says can’t help but make the steaks even tastier . . . . . Brawls in the Taiwanese legislature are almost No Longer Weird, but not when the Speaker gets shoes thrown at him by Ms. Wang Shu-hui.