Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jennalee Ryan Eliminates the Middleman—and Middlewoman—in Procreation: The San Antonio woman has started the world’s first not-sperm bank/not-egg bank, but already-fertilized embryo bank. It seems a significant drop down the ol’ slippery slope that ends in designer babies, but she says it was just the next logical step. You pay $5k per embryo (with a free backup), which are catalogued as to the respective donors’ characteristics, and you’re your own surrogate mother. Right now, it’s a home-based business for Ryan (though she apparently could stand to hire an outside press person, after being quoted in a sum-up: "Who wants an ugly, stupid kid?"). Religious fundies who heard the news are expected to comment on it, as soon as the smelling salts takes effect. It’s all over the wires this week, but here’s an earlier Washington Post report.

"You are not a cannibal if you eat art," says Chilean artist Marco Evaristti, so, my friends, enjoy these meatballs I fixed for you, which were fried in my own (liposuctioned) body fat. "The question of whether or not to eat human flesh is more important than the result."

A British professor is worried that genetic modification types are considering, for instance, how to breed out the stress and aggressiveness in pigs so that those intelligent animals won’t have a clue that the end is near. Apparently, they’re nothing but trouble right now, in farms and slaughterhouses. And North Korea has supposedly contacted a German rabbit breeder who specializes in creating jumbo bunnies, saying we sho’ are hungry over here and could you help us breed fat rabbits, too?

Below The Fold
Former FEMA deputy director Patrick Rhode (of the "putting mousse in my hair" e-mail exchange with Heckuvajob Brownie just after Katrina hit N’awlins) has been hired high up at NASA . . . . . Ms. Hanadi Zakarlya Hindi, 26, finished training and has become a pilot for one of those Saudi billionaire princes, and now she just needs to find a male relative to drive her to and from the airport . . . . . Apparently, Jharkhand state in India hands out get-out-of-jail letters to famous people (actually, special-treatment letters) to show when approached by cops . . . . . Daniel Brown, 22, put a mask on to rob his grandfather, y’know, so grandpappy wouldn’t suspect him, but then Daniel barked, "This is a robbery. I need your money, and I mean it, Pa-paw" (but that still didn’t stop Daniel from later denying that he was the guy behind the mask).