Tuesday, January 09, 2007

John Gilmore, once a prominent cyberlander and now mainly a libertarian dilettante, for some reason believes Americans, notwithstanding 9-11, insufficiently appreciate their solemn right to ride on airliners in which passengers' picture IDs and ticketed names are not matched at the gate. He ostensibly reached the end of his five-year battle yesterday when SCOTUS declined to hear his petition demanding to know the origin of such an outrageous rule.

Clich├ęs Come to Life: The NY Post’s analysis of the especially foul air in New York City yesterday [no, not that foul air; some other foul air that was even worse; no, not that air, either; something even worse than that] concluded that it came from a bog in New Jersey. On another front, a state senator proposed yesterday to amend the New Jersey constitution to remove that obnoxious wording denying suffrage to "idiots."

It’s a little old for my standards on this page, but anyway, TheSmokingGun.com last Friday released papers on a lawsuit by William Davis, 75, challenging the Murfreesboro, Tenn., police for confiscating his collection of 114 frozen cat carcasses, which he was storing in anticipation of someday establishing a pet cemetery. Even stranger: Davis found an actual lawyer to take the case.

The NY Post now says the identity-theft student at Columbia Univ. [NOTW Daily, 1-8-2007] was not a graduate student but just General Studies.
The largest religious pilgrimage on the planet is not Hajj, of course, but Hindus doing their annual bathing in the Ganges River, which inspires stories every year about how filthy it is (raw sewage, worsened by sacrificial animal half-carcasses tossed into the holy sludge). It also inspires periodic stories about major efforts to clean the water. And now, after a decade of hard work, the conclusion is: It’s more polluted than ever.

Below The Fold
If you’re up to no good and want a place where you can make your own laws, buy the principality of Sealand, off Britain’s coast (the owner/prince is selling) . . . . . He rammed her car 15 times after she pulled away because she had left the party without giving him "my good-night kiss" (extra goodie: He rammed the wrong car) . . . . . Well, of course we’d come up with that: a drug to treat hypochondria! . . . . . Big-time NY tobacco industry lawyer Francis Decker Jr., who has earned millions in his career, admitted that he hasn’t filed state and local tax returns since 1982 (extra goodie: His jail time will be, er, 45 days).