Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh, Jeez, Another Thing to Worry About: Just what we need. U.S. ground troops and allies’ bombers finally stopped several hundred messianic Shiites called the Solders of Heaven, who were poised to kill ordinary Shiites near Baghdad, and right now, there are probably hundreds of McVeigh-loving Christian Identity types in the U.S. feeling rejuvenated. SoH and CI are each into speeding up Armageddon so they can finally get some order in the world again. SoH, heavily-armed, held their own for a while against the bewildered Iraqi army, and in the last 36 hours or so, Yr Editor imagines e-mails a-buzzin’ among the, what, the Phineas Priesthood and the others saying, "See? We can do it. This can work."

The F State Comes Up Big: (1) Robert Moore, 37, of Floral City, is obviously one of the true sanctity-of-life believers in the state because he was so angry that his wife had an abortion that he (according to police) tried to kill her. (2) Jesse "The Human Bomb" Aviles’s "talent" is to lie across two bar stools, wearing helmet and protective clothing, and let someone set off fireworks under him, to achieve lift-off, but his show in Crystal River last weekend was axed, for lack of a permit [there’s a permit for that?]. (3) Edward Cowal just won the $14M Florida lottery, the 2nd time he has been called to the state’s attention; the first was when he was placed on the sex-offender registry. (4) The warden explaining to an investigatory panel that the late double-murderer Angel Diaz was not squirming in pain at his botched December execution but was probably just straining to look at a clock on the wall. ("What, was he late for an appointment?" asked Diaz’s lawyer.)

The Arrangements Have Been Made (which is Yr Editor’s file name for "you can try as hard as you want, but the bigshots will always find a way to win"): In 1984, the New Jersey legislature gave a state development agency about $400M to help rebuild the neighborhoods around casinos, on the theory that the blight was depressing potential tourists. Instead, reported the NY Times on Sunday, the agency just gave it to casinos [Link Corrected], which spent on inside upgrades to compete better with other tourist and gambling destinations. Winners, even though they can easily afford to spend their own money, somehow find a way to spend other people’s.

Proof that some people have way-too-much money: A fella named Tom Vilsack (who used to be governor of Iowa) reported that some people actually had enough money lying around in the last 7 weeks of 2006 that they could give him $1,100,000 because they think he might have a chance in hell of being President.

Note to File: Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, all with exquisite games, all worked hard, all practiced to be the best, all willed themselves to be champions. Barbaro . . . was a horse.

Below The Fold
U.S. State Dept.’s suggestion to the UN on global warming: Y’know, we could fix the whole thing with some dust and mirrors . . . . . In one Saudi tribe, a judicially sanctioned divorce was awarded to the woman, no, wait, actually, to her parents, when they found out the groom had an insufficient pedigree . . . . . UK approved a 12-yr-old boy to start hormone treatment, becoming the world’s youngest medical transsexual (but he has to wait til age 18 for the lopping-off) . . . . . And while that girl is growing her breasts, another piece in the British press says men are stepping up their own man-breast reductions (doubling in the past yr) . . . . . A slow news day classic, from Euless, Tex.