Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Recurring Themes
The Shiite Ashura day came and went yesterday, once again showcasing the world’s, er, "diversity." Some Muslims believe they’re not holy unless (in tribute to the suffering of some 7th-century saint named Hussein) they slash themselves all to hell, blood streaming, etc., and start indoctrinating their urchins at age 6 or younger to cut themselves up, too. Said one Lebanese objector, "When the rest of the world is going to the moon, look where these people are—still drawing blood from their heads."
Yr Editor highly recommends this first-person account in Monday’s Guardian (London) by an apotemnophiliac, which is a big word that Yr Editor uses when he needs to feel smart. That’s a person with an obsession to remove one or more limbs. "It is not a sexual thing; it is certainly not a fetish; and it is nothing to do with appearances," she writes. "I simply cannot relate to myself with two legs." What you have to go through: a minimum of six hours of excruciating pain by dry ice to kill the leg completely because otherwise no surgeon will chop it off.

Below The Fold
Two school groups, trying to stop the student fighting in Pakistan, get into a fight with each other over who gets to put up an anti-fighting poster [Link corrected] . . . . . 55 nuns running a business in Greece got in a little over their heads and had to make a run for it until things cool off; they’ve asked the Orthodox Church to help them settle the debts . . . . . We don’t have the official police verdict yet, but it smells like the ol’ senior-citizen gas-brake confusion, only this time the 84-yr-old, heading for a driving seminar, smashed into a school and killed a kid . . . . . The Korean Institute of Criminal Justice reported that South Korean gangsters generally report more satisfaction with their lives than do the police . . . . . There are apparently parts of Barcelona, Spain, that you can legally walk around naked in, according to this report . . . . . Cliches Come to Life: France, with Europe’s shortest average workweek, is now trying to promote the benefits of mid-day naps . . . . . Assault a cop, with a colostomy bag . . . . . The HMP Brixton prison in London, remodeling, will turn its toilets 90 degrees so they’re not facing Mecca, so as not to offend the Muslims housed there (people who are, by definition, criminal dirtbags) . . . . . It appears that nothing can be done to stop St. Emery’s Church (Fairfield, Conn.) from its human-rights-crushing program of loud-speakering 10 minutes of hymns to the neighborhood at 9, noon, 3, and 6 every day.