Monday, January 08, 2007

The right-wing bloggers are a little ahead of themselves on this one because apparently it’s just something scheduled to be considered by the Mexican gov’t, in March or so: handing out satellite-tracking devices to border-jumpers in case they get sick or injured in their illegal traipse into the U.S.A. (Of course, if they get sick or injured after crossing, well, U.S. rescuers still have to come get ‘em, an idea that may only go so far.)

A 73-yr-old man died of a heart attack in London, and although a paramedic arrived right away, when he called for an ambulance, it took a while, in that the two closest crews (5 minutes away) were on a mandatory European Union-dictated rest period and could not be disturbed at all during the first 20 of their 30 minutes. Some services in the UK have opted out of the EU rules, but not the London Ambulance Service.

God’s Will (cont’d): A 52-yr-old man, his sister, 56, and their mother, 78, were recluses in southern Illinois and took all their worldly instruction from the Good Book, apparently. Three yrs ago, they had concluded that the Lord didn’t want them to talk anymore, so they stopped. According to preliminary reports on the deaths last week of son and mother (and hospitalization of sister), they had recently concluded that the Lord didn’t want them to eat anymore, either. Said a neighbor, "They weren’t kooks. They just had great faith in God . . .."

There was a family feud in Sydney, Australia, over something or other that wasn’t disclosed, but 60 people were involved, and 19 have been arrested so far, and though one of the participants had a gun, the others had "knives, baseball bats, metal poles, planks, branches, cricket bats, pick handles, screw drivers, golf clubs, curtain rods, and glass bottles," according to the Daily Telegraph, and also hammers and machetes.

CalTech won its first NCAA basketball game since 1996, beating the Bard College, er, Shakespearians, or whatever they’re called. They’re now 1-207 in their last 208 games. Explaining his team’s struggles this year, Coach Roy Dow said, seriously, "We lost a lot of players from last year’s team."

False-Identity Follies: (1) Buffalo, N.Y., was buzzing about the murder of a 22-yr-old man in a love triangle with a man, 47, and a woman, in her 40s, because the latter two were pretending online to be younger and more dazzling humans, and according to police, the older man got jealous when the younger man flirted with the woman, and of course the woman they were actually enamored of never existed. (2) And then, as the NY Post ratted out a graduate student at Columbia Univ. who had simply stolen the identity of a dead person and worked toward a degree, Columbia officials refused to divulge info about the student, citing, of course, federal privacy protections . . . for a person who is actually dead.

OK, get ready for a good laugh. In the current column . . . oh, I can’t go on with this because it’s too embarrassing. Forget it. . . . No, I have to. . . . No, wait, maybe I don’t because there are just a couple of readers who would know the difference. So, forget it. . . . No, I can’t ignore it. Duty requires that I note my error. The sheriff’s court in Scotland that issued the ruling—, no, I can’t do it. . . . OK, OK, the sheriff’s court is located in the town of Greenock, not Greencock. Oh, man, am I ever sorry about that. And I have no idea what possessed me to misread that name.

Below The Fold
It looks like a punk-out job by leaders of the tony Columbus, Ohio, neighborhood of German Village: Install surveillance cameras but don’t tell anyone they’re just boxes with cords plugged into nothing . . . . . He climbed atop a 68-ft tower in protest of the unbearable oppression of being required to join a homeowners’ ass’n . . . . . The District of Calamity Council passed a bill, 10-2, to treat "released prisoners" as a protected class of citizens under the District’s Human Rights Act (of more-or-less equal status with victims of race discrimination, etc.), but it’ll have to pass it again because the outgoing mayor vetoed it . . . . . Here’s this yr’s list of the 12 Most Bizarre [political-correctness-gone-wild] College Courses, led by Occidental College’s "The Phallus," "a seminar in critical theory and social justice," which, prorated from yearly tuition, costs $3,300 to take (and while at Occidental, be sure to take the course "Blackness," though you’ll need the course "Whiteness" as a prerequisite).