Saturday, January 06, 2007

Students challenge a school’s iron-hand authority to keep them from wearing their favorite (non-obscene, non-political) t-shirts to class, and they take the case all the way to the U.S. Court of Appeals! It’s a heartwarming defense of free-speech rights! Well, no. They’re brats. They’re middle-school students who are "gifted" and wanted to wear t-shirts that let everyone know that.

Tough day for British bureaucrats: First came word of a gov’t (Revenue and Customs) pilot project that tells bureaucrats to mark their desks with tape to show just exactly where certain things should be placed so that they won’t waste time looking for them. Then came word that the police in Manchester had finally, after two months’ resistance, released photographs of the two murderers who had escaped from prison, in that police "guidelines" say it violates "human rights" to release the photos without a strong "local policing purpose," which allegedly was absent in that the murderers were presumed to have fled the local area.

Editor’s Obsessions
The Univ. of Alabama’s hiring Nick Saban to coach football for $4m a yr, 7x what the UA president makes (in a state that is 45th in the country in education spending), is still nowhere on the scale of what Home Depot's board of directors did [NOTW Daily, 1-4-2007]. In fact, if Saban is successful, he’ll be worth every penny in additional university football revenue and alumni spending. (And if he’s unsuccessful, there’s a way out: In November, Florida State fans, er, rich fans, supposedly paid an alleged failure of an assistant coach $537k to get out of town fast, and he did. No university money.)

Below The Fold
A 41-yr-old man died when a roof fell on him, which sounds tragic, except that the reason the roof fell was that he was apparently trying to steal the roof’s iron supports for scrap metal . . . . . Man who uses different Operating System than us (if the Arizona Republic story is accurate enough): He breaks in and steals a pair of panties, and then when the residents arrive, he greets them at the door by handing them a package of his drugs and walking away . . . . . Questionable judgment: You wrap boas around your neck, but not boa constrictors (even though it was just a baby boa that shoplifters were trying to get out of a pet store underneath a scarf, and even though they ultimately blew the caper by returning to ask how to take care of their boa) . . . . . Nat’l Guard troops ("observers") working with the Border Patrol were run off by some armed Mexicans, and the Guard couldn’t do a thing about it (in that a lot of cooks and farmworkers would get annoyed and protest) . . . . . Guilty By Mugshot (but she pleaded anyway) . . . . . One pending benefit of global warming is that lakes will dry up, and we can find what people have tried to hide, like guns . . . . . Kenmore, Wash., pervert Carlos Calcagni told police that, yes, he took secret pictures of girls tinkling, but he deserves a partial pass on them because he was disappointed that they didn’t much excite him.