Saturday, February 24, 2007

Below The Fold
Szarpie Travel of Warsaw is booking tours to (as close as they can get) the CIA’s alleged detention center in the northern Mazuria region of Poland (which shouldn’t be a security problem because the U.S. and Poland say it doesn’t exist) . . . . . A local gov’t information center in Swindon, England, said it would stock an author’s book only if he provided proof that he had £5M ($9.8M) in liability insurance (for, they said, paper cuts, etc.) . . . . . The U.S.’s Nat’l Assessment of Educational Progress reported that 12th-graders had the lowest-ever reading scores, but not to worry: Their average English grade was the highest ever (e.g., 2.52 GPA in 1990 up to 2.82 in 2005) . . . . . When a state trooper arresting a violent DUI woman complains that she grabbed his genitals four separate times, maybe, y’know, the incident wasn't that traumatic for him . . . . . Another one of those alleged “crimes” whose illegality Yr Editor finds puzzling: A Michigan woman is arrested for shooting the tires out of a car tailgating her [CORRECTION: "shot at" the tires] in rush-hour traffic . . . . . Awesome: Japanese researchers can store digital data inside the DNA of nearly-immortal bacteria . . . . . So many rich Iranians have settled in Beverly Hills (now 20 percent of the population) that ballots for upcoming city elections are printed in English, Spanish, and Farsi . . . . . The hot trend in human-smuggling across the Mexican border is hiding them in the car’s engine (three in two weeks, but all wispy Chinese) . . . . . Old wisdom of Rev. Lonnie Latham, the former Southern Baptist leader: The gay lifestyle is sinful (New wisdom, following his arrest for arranging a hotel liaison in 2006: I have a constitutional right to pick up men).