Thursday, February 22, 2007

Here’s a darling of a story from Toronto, where a male cane-user and a half-blind female cane-user got into it with each other. It involved a sidewalk stand-off in 2005 where both adamantly refused to yield the right of way, followed by a brief caning free-for-all, including joint go-Cheney-yourself moments. If Yr Editor had been there, it would have been painfully difficult to have done the right thing (i.e., try to separate the two before someone got hurt) because the wrong thing was so mesmerizing. Last week, the judge OK’d the free-for-all but convicted the man of hitting the woman with a spiteful parting shot that she wasn’t expecting.

Recurring Themes
The spirit Popo Bawa is once again wreaking havoc in Dar es Salaam, forcing men to stand guard outside at night to protect their sleeping women from the rapist, who is super-sly, in that he is actually just a bat but transforms himself into a man.
Almost No Longer Weird: (1) Chad Mercer, 20, was arrested in Wilmington, Del., after he tried to run from cops during a traffic stop and tripped over his own baggy pants. (2) The Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s severe-weather drill yesterday for schools and local government offices was postponed because of severe weather.

Steve Bixby, the private-property fanatic who killed two cops while defending a pitiful little strip of land in his front yard [NOTW Daily, 2-15-2007], was convicted and yesterday ordered to be ejected from among the living, which the jury decided after wrestling with the issue for, oh, about an hour. His mom had testified that she had home-schooled him, conceding that she had probably placed more emphasis than they do in public schools on the "God-given right" to private property. Also, a shrink had testified that Bixby has that notorious combination of a low IQ plus "a grandiose sense of self-importance."

NOTW Daily is now available by e-mail if you join Google Groups. See "Housekeeping" entry on Tuesday’s [2-21-2007] post (below) for details, advisories, etc.

Below The Fold
Alleged cocaine-seller Antwon Williams, reaching into a car to stop a customer from driving away without paying, was then slammed into a utility pole at a high rate of speed, resulting in a "complete transection of the lower body at the pelvis" [LINK Corrected] . . . . . Gov. Schwarzenegger’s win-win budget proposal to save taxpayers money by shipping prisoners to other states is stymied by the prison guards’ union (whose members presumably fear that if they get laid off, they’ll never find jobs again as good as "prison guard") . . . . . Two performing clowns were murdered in Cacuta, Colombia, and it looks like a professional hit . . . . . Homer Simpson Come to Life: A New Zealand adventurer with a broken leg was rescued from a tree by helicopter but then the airlift cable accidentally swung him directly against another tree . . . . . Walter Stevens, 81, was smart to bury those old child-porn tapes (starring himself) in a plastic bag forever in his back yard in Sierra Vista, Ariz., but then he moved, and then the septic tank flooded the yard, and the bag surfaced, and the current resident turned them in . . . . . Maybe this is actually de rigueur for fish restaurants, but it says here that KFC is about to introduce a Fish Snacker sandwich and has sent a letter to the Vatican asking for it to be blessed . . . . . Even given the cost of finding lost mountain-climbers, several veteran mountaineers begged Oregon legislators not to require them to carry electronic locating devices, on the ground that it would make mountain-climbing too easy . . . . . We all know that buffet-goers’ eyes are bigger than their stomachs, but some Hong Kong restaurants say they’ll start charging diners who don’t clean their plates . . . . . A start-up project in Cambridge, Mass., aimed at big cities: a sort-of eBay in real time for available parking spaces . . . . . An even better idea, though, from Mexico’s Chihuahua state, to "scare straight" teenage girls into using birth control: computerized babies programmed to be nightmares.