Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here’s what Yr Editor calls an "elements" story, where the reporter (here, in Charleston, S.C.) doesn’t necessarily have to tie the strings together to make it interesting (and he didn’t). Elements: car floating on a lake PLUS women onshore yelling "There’s a baby!" PLUS there was no baby PLUS man swims ashore from the car, naked PLUS he was giving an object lesson to a woman he was dating PLUS because she was cheating on him PLUS he was also dating her neighbor. ‘Nuff said! [WCIV-TV]

This one’s been mentioned in News o’ the Weird [897, 4-17-2005], but without much detail in the reports Yr Editor saw. So here is more about what you’d go through if you bought a ticket (around US$20) for the sort-of theme park in Eco Alberto Park near Mexico City, where you can experience a night of trying to illegally cross the U.S. border to have a better life, ducking blank bullets and outrunning fake U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Just FYI, Yr Editor informs you that he has ended his association with CreativeLoafing.com, which has been hosting The F State since November 1. For those who just can’t live without their dose of specialized Florida weirdness, (1) I’ll resume posting the best of the Florida stories on NOTW Daily, and (2) I’ll announce a new home for The F State as soon as the cardinals confer and release the white smoke.

Below The Fold
"She has a hard time dealing with the fact [that] her father is in a dump," said a friend of the daughter of a dead man whose remains were mistakenly hauled away from a funeral home in the trash . . . . . A defiant brother and sister are fighting German anti-incest laws (invoking "constitutional rights") so they can add to their brood of four children (one normal) . . . . . Too Many Choices: Now there’s a website where Finlanders can upload their photographs and find political candidates who most nearly facially resemble them (and who therefore deserve their votes) . . . . . Speaking of Finland, its team won the world championship of "underwater ice hockey," i.e., underwater hockey played beneath a foot of floating ice in 35°F water (Uh, maybe you, like, had to be there) . . . . . Sounds Like a Joke: 10 women replied to the Internet ad of a Chinese man seeking to hire a stand-in mistress to take a beatdown on behalf of his real mistress (to be administered by his wife as a condition of saving their marriage) . . . . . Mexico passed a law forbidding extreme marital jealousy . . . . . A now-deceased Pakistani man agreed to give up his little daughter to settle a poker debt (effective when she came of age), and the now-17-yr-old is resisting, and the tribal council is negotiating . . . . . "[T]he Texas Fellowship of Cowboy Churches has grown to 85 congregations," reports the Waxahachie Daily Light . . . . . District of Calamity: Washington, D.C., police officers actually have to go to court and formally challenge their speeding tickets, even if they’re caught by camera while responding to an emergency.
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