Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The saga of Capt. Nowak has, as they say, sucked all the oxygen out of the news cycles here in the F State and around the country, but here’s one more observation: Even though prospective astronauts were reported to get only four hours’ psych counseling as part of tests to determine their suitability, it doesn’t matter, because, according to one of Yr Editor’s showcase tenets . . . (and repeat after me) . . . Everyone . . . has . . . a . . . dark . . . side. Everyone. (Some have several, of course.)
This one feels like an update, but I can’t find it in my database: Michael Fitzgibbon, 37, pleaded no contest in Muskegon, Mich., to having sex with his girlfriend’s 15-yr-old daughter, which he facilitated via written contract to which supposedly the three of them agreed because Fitzgibbon said he couldn’t hold out during the several months his woman would be laid up from surgery (and needed a fill-in).
Last yr, Yr Editor noted how dire things were in Zimbabwe:
Zimbabwe’s world’s-worst inflation officially reached 1,042 percent in April, with prices doubling every three or four months and the unemployment rising to 70 percent. Only the unsophisticated fail to spend any money they have promptly, even though, for example, toilet paper sells for Zim$145,000 a roll (about 69 U.S. cents). According to an April New York Times dispatch, President Robert Mugabe’s remedy is simply to print trillions of dollars in new money (which he needs to keep his government workers loyal, to prop up his dictatorship)
Well, things there are worse.

Below The Fold
Jeez, that’s some miracle therapy: "[Rev. Ted] Haggard Says He Is "Completely Heterosexual" after just three weeks in Arizona . . . . . The California hitman contract called for, er, wasp-handling . . . . . A search-and-rescue official in New Zealand claimed that sometimes, when tourists get lost, they hide from rescuers because they’re afraid they’ll have to reimburse the costs [but I think it might be just a claim] . . . . . The gov’t of Nepal has granted a pre-op transsexual citizenship as a man, and citizenship as a woman, whichever fits at the time . . . . . Things You Didn’t Realize: The law in California and "most states" allows coroners to keep some body parts after autopsies, without notifying the family when they give the rest of the body back (and the San Mateo coroner has 105 pieces) . . . . . The Defense of Marriage Alliance in Washington state proposed legislation to require new husbands and wives to procreate within 3 yrs or forfeit their marital status (thus parrying one of the main arguments against same-sex marriage) . . . . . The Only Clever Criminals Are the Smugglers (continued): Dried prunes from Guyana, destined for Spain, were found to each contain 4.4g of cocaine . . . . . If you’ve got a medically-inserted "seton" for your "anal fistula," U.S. Customs agents (if not Homeland Security) are likely to (painfully) (very painfully) yank it out if they see it.