Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sweden, too, says it will soon crack down and tax its citizens’ real-world income from the Second Life game (but the tax authority spokesman didn’t mention taxing in-game wealth accumulations) [NOTW 980, 11-19-2006].
That Chicago Alderman who is under investigation for bribery regarding a development project that, oops, is actually across the street from her district (and therefore not much within her influence) [NOTW Daily, 1-11-2007] says the white substance seized in a search of her home was not narcotics but actually colon-cleansing powder [Link Corrected] (which she recommends highly, by the way).
The NY Times today is page A1, above the fold, with a report from Arizona on our 29-yr-old sex offender who pretended to be 12 (pretended, to the chagrin of the older guys he was living with, who evidently thought they had achieved nirvana). Turns out he's a bad dude (though a really talented actor, good with makeup), and the three older men may face various charges, but molesting that 12-yr-old won't be one of them. [NOTW Daily, 1-20-2007]

Below The Fold
On trial for torture-kidnaping, he appears to have it all figured out: He burned her using a broken lantern, but only because they were having sex in an unheated house, and she asked him to warm her up by running the flames over her body . . . . . Vatican officials hit the roof when an Italian reporter went undercover, compared the confessional pronouncements of 24 priests, and not surprisingly found discrepancies (except they went 24-for-24 denouncing abortion) . . . . . A town in Quebec, just trying to be fair, says it welcomes immigrants, but issues rules for them: No Stoning Women or Burning them or Tossing Acid on them (y'know, like you's guys do in the old country) . . . . . It’s No Longer Weird, but none has been reported in a while, so here: A 480-lb. woman from Kellyville, Okla., was examined for gastric-bypass surgery, only to learn that 93 of ‘em were an abdominal cyst (but that’s not quite as good as for the women whose cyst is more than half their body weight, resulting in the cyst’s gurney being harder to push out of the OR than the patient’s gurney).