Friday, March 02, 2007

"Financial astrologer" Arch Crawford says he’s doing quite well, thank you, both in calling the markets (astrology is just part of his analyses) and, apparently, in getting subscribers to lay down $5k/yr (that’s five thousand dollars a year) for his reports. After all, with huge sums in volatile times, you need to know when Saturn opposes Neptune in "apparent right ascension," or what the effect will be when we leave Mars/Uranus cycle on the 27th of this month.

The F State: (1) The John Couey little-girl-murder trial continues in Miami, with almost as much damning, admissible evidence as super-damning, inadmissible evidence. Couey, for his part, received the judge's permission to continue coloring in his coloring books at the defense table. (2) In Palm Beach County, a new condominium development—planned for right on top of a pet cemetery! (The executive director of something called the Int’l Ass’n of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories said Florida treats its dead animals worse than any other state. (3) Bad combination: A Middle-Eastern man PLUS a violent episode in his criminal sheet PLUS watching a disturbingly violent video on his laptop computer on a flight to Tampa.

Just Below The Fold
Police in Andhra Pradesh (India) bravely rescued 29 underage girls from a brothel, but then couldn’t find a place for them to stay overnight and so took them back to the brothel (and they soon vanished) . . . . . Serious question in Kinshasa (Congo): Does the new trade minister, Andre Kasongo Ilunga, really exist (because no one’s ever seen him)? (The smart money is on "No") . . . . . Former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer said, To really fight this global warming thing, we’re going to need the secret alien technologies that gov’ts recovered from UFOs but have been hiding from us . . . . . The fire chief in Middletown, Wis., accused a fire marshal of using a department computer to contact a psychic and put a voodoo hex on him . . . . . Cars and trucks? Hell, real repo men snatch ocean liners! . . . . . China’s Foreign Ministry, objecting to America’s accusations of that country’s belligerence-through-increased-military-spending, called the U.S. whatever the phrase is for a peeping tom, poking through Beijing’s underwear . . . . . Chutzpah! The bus was taking the mayor and the school superintendent around to check out a transition neighborhood, but then prominent Los Angeles tagger "Zoner" grabbed his paint, walked up to the bus, and let it have it . . . . . In Norfolk County, England, a teenager tied for 2nd place to a world record: He had his driver’s license suspended for DUI one day after he got it . . . . . The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development blocked a huge apartment conversion project in New York City because it would have eliminated much middle-income housing (Bonus: One of the developers already owns 71 properties which are currently on the hook for 8,792 code violations) . . . . . An S&M parlor (actually, a big house) 45 miles outside of NYC was shut down, to the consternation of the Jewish school next door that owns the property because (a) they had no idea what was going on and (b) how are they ever going to get the place clean? . . . . . The Associated Press announced this week that, as official policy, it would hereafter ignore Paris Hilton, but then the AP’s Paris Hilton policy became big news around the world.
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