Saturday, March 03, 2007

Inside NOTW
The lonely-man-and-donkey story circulating now worldwide from Ireland is a little too over-the-top for Yr Editor, even though fairly well-done. We’ll wait and see about its authenticity. Have a look at it here, but do not tell anyone it was recommended by me.
Reader comments on a couple of stories: Efficiency consultants aren’t just making British bureaucrats tape off better-organization spots on their desks [NOTW, 2-25-2007]. One reader said it’s happening in U.S. Air Force installations. Another reader, Josh Borden, writes:

I work for a large worldwide corporation [and] we take this black tape one step further. Our floors are also taped off and labeled for everything from trashcans to desk. The weird part about this whole thing is that after you do this for so long a group of Japanese inspectors will come around and see how your company has handled this change. If you do good enough you receive the highest honor in business today, call the SHINGO award. It was named for the guy who came up with this idea. The great part is, that when you do receive this award, your whole company, all 20,000-plus employees [receive] nothing else but to be able to say that you won the shingo award.
And the Senegalese chimpanzees that make sharp sticks and stab for food [NOTW Daily, 2-23-2007] are stabbing "bushbabies," which are, according to reader Maya Wheelock:

small mammals that are also called Galagos (genus Galagoides). The term bushbaby is usually applied specifically to the dwarf galago (but maybe it's a more general term). There are surprisingly few photos of galagos on the web, but here is one. (Side note: dwarf galagos can hop like kangaroos.)
Recurring Themes: Another guy (this one in Martins Ferry, W.Va.) with the bright idea to postpone his trial (for assault) by having himself shot . . . . . Rectal contraband-smuggling (at the San Francisco Cotera prison in El Salvador): not drugs, not razor blades, but a grenade . . . . . In England, a serious head injury from an accident, and the victim wakes up super-obsessed with sex (Bonus: and cell phones) . . . . . A southern California woman didn’t realize she was pregnant until the baby squeezed out (but this woman has an excuse, in that she was carrying around 412 other pounds during that nine months) . . . . . A man robbed a bank in Fayetteville, N.C., and took the loot back to his motel room, where he was then robbed by a maintenance man.

The F State: (1) Oh, great, now that the St. Petersburg 24/7 (except for sleep) hiccuping girl who made all the news shows in February has finally stopped (after five weeks), here comes Ms. Jaime Molisee of Jacksonville, who has been going almost 24/7 for eight months now. What else can the F State do to you? (2) A Miami developer ripped off gov’t funds (ho-hum!) to buy himself, er, a sculpture of a giant watermelon slice. (3) A former vice-mayor of Naples pleaded guilty to spitting on a restaurant diner’s table after the diners had the audacity to ask hizzoner’s little urchin to stop banging on the glass that separated the two tables.

Just Below The Fold
Romanian authorities have early-released a U.S. historian/Fulbright scholar, imprisoned for child rape, because he flattered the country by writing a book on Dracula . . . . . A sect of Jerusalem rabbis is campaigning to bring back the practice of animal sacrifice (sheep) [Bonus: They want to hold these sacrifices at Islam’s iconic Al Aqsa Mosque] . . . . . Two inmates captured a guard at the smoke-free Northeast Correctional Complex in Johnson City, Tenn., but then soon handed him over for some cigarettes . . . . . Mr. Mert Ott, 77, won a mayoral primary in Marysville, Kan. (pop. 3,300), whose voters somehow forgave-and-forgot his two prison stretches for distribution of pornography.