Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No Shame: Smithsonian magazine (March) examines the tour-packaging business model of Brit Christopher Way and India’s Krishna Poojari, which includes bringing well-off visitors on a guided trip through Mumbai’s most-wretched slum (Dharavi), which critics call voyeuristic or worse. Way promises to give back most of the slum income to charity, er, as soon as his company turns a profit.

No Shame II: KMGH-TV in Denver reports with a straight face a local salon’s touting of the TurboSonic, a device you stand on for 10 minutes and burn the calories typical of a 45- to 60-minute exercise workout. (On the other hand, in case you missed it from last week, a retiree with no medical experience has created a piece of hardware in his garage on Sanibel Island, Fla., that researchers at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston call promising in killing cancer cells.)

Before he retired, Boston transit-authority electrician Robert Gibson allegedly, quietly embezzled thousands of dollars worth of transit tokens, intending to help fund his later yrs, but then the system went to farecards. All was not lost, though: The system has machines where transit riders can transfer their few spare tokens into a farecard balance, but when monitors saw this guy loading bags of tokens in, to buy stacks of maxed-up farecards, they moved in for the arrest. They don’t yet know how much Gibson took, but they found $40k in tokens and coins still in his basement.

It seemed strange to Yr Editor that Kabbalah-Hollywood could have had a monopoly on this for so long, but here’s word now that Wayne Enterprises of Linden, Calif., has started to sell bottles of (supposedly-) priest-blessed "Holy Drinking Water," which looks and tastes a lot like ordinary bottled water (which, of course, looks and tastes a lot like ordinary tap water). [First link goes to NOTW 915, 8-21-2005, which refers to Kabbalah's Celestial Drops.]

Your Daily Loser
Chris Chapman, 19 and on a community council in Wales as a member of the Conservative party, is just one of those people who (intentionally or not) has laid out his extensive drug and two-bit-criminal history on his MySpace.com page, appalling his colleagues. But the opponents called the bet, and Chapman had to lay down his hand: Turns out he did do a powerful pain-killer, but that was on prescription for his shoulder, and he did maybe shoplift a candy bar once. That stuff on MySpace was just made-up.

Just Below the Fold
Now computed: the "wages of sin" (Ted Haggard-style); turns out that the damage to his church after his sex/drug revelations is 44 layoffs due to donation-dry-up . . . . . In the latest highlighted case from the files of the Iowa unemployment compensation judges: A cameraman for a Cedar Rapids TV station was justifiably fired for inability to hold in his coffee during a long, long cemetery ceremony for a fallen soldier . . . . . Officials in Papua New Guinea, preparing for June elections, say that the backwoods provinces’ voter rolls are inflated by about half, with such celebs as Elvis and Tom Jones historically casting lots of ballots.

An arthritic 77-yr-old woman in Lisbon fell on railroad tracks, couldn’t get up, and the train couldn’t stop, but she ducked under it, and she’s fine! . . . . . Pakistani man dug up his 2-yr-dead dad, jacked an ambulance home, and tried to revive him (but so far, it hasn’t worked) . . . . . 7-yr-old girl calls 911 in Burnett, Minn., because her grandfather’s cheating at cards . . . . . Robert Marsh, arrested for breaking into a woman’s apartment in Fond du Lac, Wis., warns police that he is a shape-shifting werewolf.
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