Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday’s Drip
Beware, the flying bowling ball / Those North Carolina castrators, back in the news / No sofas on the beach / And George Brett’s genitalia

The Human Condition Today
Just Can’t Stop Himself: Perhaps inspired by Alberto Gonzalez ("I would never, ever make a change [in U.S. Attorneys] for political reasons" [emphasis added]), Pete Rose said Wednesday night that he bet on his team every game (as opposed to first never betting on baseball, and then betting on baseball but never on his own team, and then betting on his own team but not when Bill Gullickson or Mario Soto started) . . . . . An inquest concluded that British fine-art painter Caroline Eldridge, 38, had taken The Only Way Out last yr because she got too caught up in that Da Vinci Code plot thing . . . . . Ruth Parks, voted out as recorder-treasurer in an Arkansas town, was turned down on her federal appeal (it appearing not to have been a conspiracy but that her constituents were individually displeased at her heavy involvement with extraterrestrials).

Your Daily Loser
A bunch of upper-teens that were partying in Thatcher, Utah, decided to shake the town’s decorative flagpole (located in a private park), ultimately dislodging the bowling ball on top that represented a "crown," and the ball happened to land on Elise Fredericksen’s head. She survived. The park’s creator wants his bowling ball back.

People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
That western North Carolina castration cell (in the town of Waynesville!) that made the news last yr [NOTW Daily, 4-1-2006] got their sentences: minor jail time (since the surgeries were benevolent removals).

It says here that some coca farmers in Bolivia are starting to fight to rehabilitate the plant’s reputation, and are now demanding that Coca-Cola change its name . . . . . The F State gets inhospitable: Cocoa Beach bans sofas on the beach . . . . . Anthony Perone, 20, is off the street now after having been stalking a woman who broke his heart in the 3rd grade, and it appears the cops wouldn’t yet have gotten probable cause had his mom not happened to see one of the stalking notes that was already sealed and ready to mail, and so helpfully added Anthony’s return address to the envelope.

NOTW, The Blog
Sounds Like a Joke: In a generally helpful article [link via], Online Journalism Review tipped web designers with results of "hot spots" testing, i.e., noticing exactly where readers’ eyes go when they look at a web page. The authors’ main point seemed to be, Don’t use mindless graphics because readers sense immediately which (or whether) graphics are important. Buried lede: On a full-length photo of baseball star George Brett in the batter’s box, women focused only on Brett’s face, but men went equally for his face and his crotch. As if to show that wasn’t a fluke, men reacted the same to a picture of a dog.
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