Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday’s Drip
The "ghost" airline flight to make Al Gore cringe / 56 fire-proof NY school principals / Almost $3B to medicate America’s pets / Mr. Ricky Lackey, inseminator supreme

Civilization in Decline
Tennessee’s bureaucracy is such that an arbitrator ordered it to pay a wronged Highway Patrolman $185 within 30 days, and they tarried, and now, 4 months later, a judge said that’ll be $12k, please . . . . . British Mediterranean Airways was busted for running empty round-trip flights daily since October from Heathrow to Cardiff just to preserve its valuable Heathrow landing slot (at 5 tons of CO2 per) . . . . . New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has a list of 56 principals and ass’t principals that all schools in the city refuse to hire but for whom, by union contract, he has to make work for at their highest salaries . . . . . Once again, DNA trumps not one, but two eyewitnesses, who were absolutely certain that Cody Davis (sentenced to 3 yrs) was the robber . . . . . The U.S.’s Iraq thingie is bad enough on the surface, but when you start probing the underbelly of bureaucratic relations between Washington and its embassy in Baghdad, as the Washington Post did, the head-shaking gets worse . . . . . $2.9B in pet medications bought by Americans in 2005 (for cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, dementia, and, coming soon, obesity).

The Human Condition
In Billings, Mont., Tera Stricker-Lopez, 26, just given probation in lieu of a 15-yr sentence for embezzling from her employer, found another job quickly and now has been arrested for embezzling from that company.
The extremely fatherhood-oriented Ricky Lackey (about to be sentenced for attempted theft) told the judge had repaid the money, and besides, he had, er, six kids on the way. The female judge tried to guess: "Are you marrying a woman with six kids?" "No," said Lackey. "I be concubining."
One of your more shameless, psychotic serial killers of all time, Arthur Shawcross, who now resides in a cage in upstate New York, has written London’s The Mirror for help in locating an Irish native gal on whom he has developed a crush. (He’s up for release around the year 2235, give or take.)

Your Daily Loser
Larenzo Dixon, on the lam from a murder charge in Louisiana, got picked up near San Diego when he, er, jaywalked. (Well, he got caught jaywalking and then gave the cop his alleged "rap name" but then signed the citation with his real name.)

Britain’s Channel 4 blasts Prince Charles as "unfit" to be king, to which Charles quickly (and regally) responded, Am not! . . . . . An all-time great lede in the Chicago Sun-Times: "Carrying his cat and expecting sex, an Alaskan civil engineer got off a flight from Turkey . . .." . . . . . In the dog-crossbreeding community, it’s called a bullshiht (bulldog-shihtzu) (but the hero of The Guardian’s story is Endal the wonder dog [scroll down and see what he can do!]) . . . . . And here’s TheSmokingGun.com’s latest treasured mugshots (2 of Miss Anna Clifford, 25, an alleged Memphis DUI).
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