Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday’s 5-Star Special
There’s yet another themed restaurant in Taipei, this one hospital-like, with "nurses" serving diners seated around beds, with IV drips of libations (but into their glasses, not their arms).

Civilization in Decline
Add to the list of companies with massive customer-data security breaches: the mail-order sellers of, er, Astroglide lubricant, which is for, er, well, certain activities. That is, many of Astroglide’s customers may be touchier about their privacy than, y’know, Shell Oil customers are.

The Human Condition Today
At a Melbourne, Fla., pub crawl: physicians dressed as superheroes, several Captain Americas, one (Dr. Raymond Adamcik) whose pick-up line was, Would you like to pat the burrito in my tights? . . . . . Two teen Australian girls were charged with strangling a third ("Sunday morning me and [the other defendant] woke up, and we were just talking, and for some reason we just decided to kill her. We just did it because we felt like it; it is hard to explain") . . . . . Said a former neighbor, describing N.Y. Mets fan Frank Martinez (who was ejected on Friday night for high-beaming light into the eyes of Atlanta Braves’ players during the game), he was a "psycho" who would shout "M! E! T! S!" at the top of his lungs in the hallway over and over following a game . . . . . Some Art Is Perfect: German performance artist Arnd Drossel made a big mesh ball of high-grade steel strands and will live inside it while rolling 220 miles through the countryside, and the reason he’s doing it is to raise awareness of mental illness: "[A] year ago, I hit a low [and] I set about thinking of a way to publicize those who need psychiatric help and came up with this."

Your Daily Loser
An unnamed man called 911 in Clyman, Wis., for help after he gave $20 to a woman at a strip club for a lap dance, only it turns out she didn’t work there and just walked out with his $20.

Two good ol' boys were sitting on a big piece of plywood in back of a pickup truck in Fort Worth, Tex., and a big gust of wind came along, and suddenly they were flying, but crash-landed on the street and were hospitalized with injuries.

Rick Hoefer! Rick Hoefer! Rick Hoefer is the South Carolina defense lawyer you’ll want if you get in trouble, since he just got accused teen-sex dungeonmaster Kenneth Glenn Hinson off, scot-free [NOTW Daily, 4-19-2007] (Seriously) . . . . . It took months to resolve, but the Dept. of Veterans Affairs finally agreed that, since there are gravestone emblems for 37 other religions, plus one for atheists, there ought to be one for Wiccans, too [NOTW 958, 6-18-2006] . . . . . It appears that the Phelpses did not picket the Va. Tech student’s funeral in Evans, Ga. [NOTW Daily, 4-21-2007] but instead chose to accept the invitation of conservative radio talker Mike Gallagher and be his only guests for an hour.

Good Enough for Government Work
A Washington Post investigation found, through documents and interviews with bureaucrats, that the Food and Drug Administration knew about the recent peanut-contamination and spinach-contamination risks for years but that the agency’s protective system is broken . . . . . Massachusetts’s state criminal database shows the number of arrest warrants outstanding is, er, 378,733 (including 14,000 for violent felonies) . . . . . On the other hand, according to a Boston Globe investigation, there are at least 14 Massachusetts prison inmates who are being kept illegally beyond their release dates, so that should help even things out.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Mental health pro’s get all huffy if you don’t get Cho Seung-Hui’s diagnosis correct (anger-depression? psychopathy? psychosis?), and they also get huffy if you think there’s anything actually wrong with hearing voices (a typical symptom of psychosis, but by itself, maybe neutral). Not surprisingly, the voices-hearing people are organized.
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