Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday’s Drip
Apparently, it’s a lot of fun to cry / Mormon brings the pain to a Baptist soul-saver / People who smell like fish all the time / And the project that’s too weird for DARPA

Civilization in Decline
A "misery club" called Loss meets in London (genre imported from Japan), with people gathering to have a great time being sad and crying (with actual raw onions on hand to help) . . . . . The Dallas County (Tex.) district attorney was to apologize this week, on behalf of his late predecessor Henry Wade, to James Giles for Wade’s railroading him on a rape charge in 1983 (Giles being one of many, many railroadees during the Wade years) ("Back then, if you sent someone to jail who was possibly innocent, it was a badge of honor," said the current DA) . . . . . Sounds like a joke: The proprietor of an Orlando massage parlor was arrested for prostitution following a police investigation of, er, 18 months.

The Human Condition Today
He fled an attempted traffic stop but was thoughtful enough to call 911 on his cell to inform them that the reason he wasn’t stopping was that he hadn’t done anything wrong (and turns out he was mistaken about that) . . . . . When Anne the Mormon met Lonnie the Baptist (one of those free-lance soul-savers of Mormons), she didn’t brake her wheelchair for Lonnie’s knee . . . . . Yeah, he was senselessly vandalizing a home, and yeah, he was naked, but give him credit for thinking out of the box about who he was (Marcus Aurelius) . . . . . British psychologist John McCarron was admonished by his ass’n for his tough-loving of clients (you "wanker," you "pathetic" "waste of space") . . . . . A restaurant chain, The Loop Pizza Grill (9 stores in Jacksonville, Fla.), hired 6 chaplains to offer 24/7 counseling to its employees . . . . . Chemist George Preti practically volunteers his time to counsel sufferers from the metabolic disorder that causes you to smell like fish even after several showers but also has the pleasure of telling the occasional "patient": Uh, no, your metabolism checks out fine (i.e., ever heard of soap?).

A soccer league in China issues its edict: stop giving people the finger . . . . . Univ. of Washington mainstream physicist John Cramer says for $20k, he can make inroads in quantum theory on whether time travel is possible, by splitting a photon, but even DARPA thinks that’s too weird [and Yr Editor would love to explain all the physics behind this to you, but, uh, uh, the Internet is short on space today, so I had to cut] . . . . . The New Orleans airport seems paralyzed on what to do about the 22 cars still left in its lots from Katrina weekend, so it’s still administratively calculating the fees ($15/day for the short-term lot) . . . . . And certain people passed away: this guy while demonstrating to friends how another guy had shot himself to death; this guy leaning out of a moving car to vomit when a mailbox happened along; this guy stretching out on a cliff to paint his girlfriend’s name on a rock (and if she were "Kay" instead of "Kaylee," he might still be alive); and this woman, accidentally stomped to death in a crowd queuing up to buy a religious amulet . . . . . Priorities, expressed by a police spokesman in Shropshire, England, commenting on a dead body found in the woods, stripped of watch, wallet, and shoes: "Stealing a person’s shoes is a particularly appalling and degrading thing to do, and it seems all the more so when it happens over the Easter holiday period."

BoingBoing.net linked to a Google Video listing of a BBC documentary about our long-time source material Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church, narrated by Louis Theroux.
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