Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday’s 5-Star Special
A Litigious Society Classic: The father of the late St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock has concluded that his son’s death was someone else’s fault. Josh was DUI (almost 2x the presumed-impaired level), un-seat-belted, speeding, cell-phoning, in the middle of the night on Interstate 64, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem lay with the guy who let Josh crash into him (and, of course, with the lounge that served him).

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Civilization in Decline
The U.S.’s Al Hurra TV channel, which spends $63M a yr to puff up American values to Middle Easterners, was revealed to have allowed at least one hour-long anti-Jewish, pro-violence screed, just because, er, none of the American operators understand Arabic (Seriously) . . . . . Rich parents continue to believe that their kids somehow need toy sets that go for $5K and up (up to the Rainbow Play Systems’ King Kong Carl McKee Custom, topping out at $46K, installed), but at least the units-sold number of these products is down . . . . . Whole Foods and Wal-Mart learn that expansion space is so scarce in Hawaii that new digging is bound to turn up some of the natives’ ancestors . . . . . San Antonio’s Witte natural history museum is contemplating moving some century-old trees on its property, to build a parking garage . . . . . Louisiana’s Supreme Court has now enabled the legislature’s decision to assure the murder of at least one child, and maybe many: Well, that is, the legislature has added "aggravated rape of a child under 12" as a death-penalty qualifier, meaning surely that at some point, a perp interested only in rape will conclude, in a flash of rationality, that he has a better chance of avoiding detection if he eliminates the only witness.

The Human Condition Today
In 2001, a suicidal Australian climbed a tree to do his thing, but then had a "moment of clarity" and decided, after all, that life was worth liv—oops! (And the state supreme court just now tossed his lawsuit against the psych ward to pay for his tree-fall paraplegia) . . . . . A Kansas City toddler challenged the patience of traveling Buddhist artists, by inadvertently tap-dancing on their intricate sand sculpture (but "no problem," said one of the artists; they’ll just start all over) . . . . . Here’s a student in Nebraska, academically working as a stripper and then writing a thesis on it, which is exactly the kind of exotic work that professors fawn over, but somehow it only got her a B . . . . . Fruit-Falls-Close-to-Tree Dept: Some Fort Worth, Tex., high school students can’t walk across the stage at graduation because they failed a mandatory test, so parents picket the school, one with a sign, "Let are kids walk."

Qatar’s nat’l soccer team hasn’t quite caught on, so the gov’t is offering to pay 10,000 Vietnamese to cheer for them at the Asian Cup matches in Hanoi.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
A non-Music Newsranger sent this page, for those of you who need to see a photographic display of (a) a torn-off arm, (b) that became re-infected after re-attachment, (c) and was re-amputated, and (d) was grafted onto the guy’s groin for nine days until the infection went down. Bonus: Part (d) apparently was not discussed with the patient until after the fact, when he woke up.

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