Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday’s 5-Star Special
The home inspector in upstate NY told the buyers there was a problem with bats in the attic, but did they look before closing the deal? No, of course not. Turns out there’s almost 2 tons of droppings (Seriously).

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Civilization in Decline
The patriotic Nat’l Rifle Ass’n is of course staunchly anti-terrorist—unless, of course, you’re a terrorist and you want to buy a gun because in that case, unless the gov’t can actually prove you’re a terrorist, the sale must go through . . . . . The local council in the UK’s Cheltenham borough tried a new approach to lazy dog owners: The gov’t spray-paints a red circle around the dog’s pile, hoping to shame whichever owner left it there, and unsurprisingly, many residents would rather their gov’t just pick up the thing, already.

The Human Condition Today
Bertha Ramos’s defense (when Wal-Mart ratted her out for her to-be-processed film in which she’s butt-naked with her three clothed kids): Oh, it’s OK to do that in Mexico; I didn’t know it was different here.

Your Daily Loser
Police say Michael Minahen, 45, is San Francisco’s "Boring Bandit" (for his workmanlike bank robberies), but he got nabbed Wednesday afternoon when he feared someone was about to come through his motel room door to steal his drugs and so hid on the ledge outside (2nd floor) and then, oops, fell to the ground and apparently knocked himself out.

Brit Shirley Bowes, running as the Conservative in Tony Blair’s home ward last week, registered zero votes (thus tying a world record) because it turns out she couldn’t even vote for herself . . . . . Nonsensical (but a great photo): There was a "Crying Sumo" contest in Tokyo last week, where two wrestlers hold up toddlers and try to make theirs cry first . . . . . Doctors in NY removed a tumor from a 3-yr-old’s brain, thus halting her frequent seizures, which were usually accompanied by, uh, uncontrollable laughter.

Early last yr, BBC News reported (as did Yr Editor, NOTW 946, 3-26-2006) that a farmer in Sudan had caught a man having sex with one of his goats and that somehow the tribal authorities had decided, as appropriate punishment, that the frisky trespasser should marry the gal. The Guardian just two weeks ago had a little fun with the story’s longevity (it was BBC News’s most-forwarded story of 2006), but the Guardian didn’t have as much fun as Australia’s originally had by sticking on a file photo of a goat with a privacy-protecting black bar over its eyes). Well, now comes word that the missus ("Rose") has passed away (cause of death: that old goat menace, the plastic bag).

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