Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday’s 5-, Well, No, 3-Star Special
Wrong place, Wrong time: Chicago police arrested three alleged dope-sellers after they casually spotted one of them, packaging 100 lbs. of it (street value: $670K) into baggies. Cops were actually chasing a nuisance-type public urinator through a neighborhood and happened to pass an open garage door, where they spotted the bagging operation in plain view.

Civilization in Decline
Bethel Temple Community Church (Evansville, Ind.) has abandoned its short-lived campaign to encourage parishioners not to complain so much (citing some Bible verse), but even the pastor couldn’t stop whining . . . . . In Britain’s continuing pussification campaign, the Justice Ministry thinks it's important to remove the word "prostitute" from the criminal code, so as not to hurt the feelings of "persons who sell sex persistently" . . . . . For a while, at least, you can legally huff while driving in New York (because the legislature didn’t list "Dust Off" and similar substances in the DUI law) . . . . . The prosecutor in Murphy, Tex., turned loose those 25 pervs caught in NBC Dateline’s most-recent child-predator sting (well, 24, because one killed himself) because police weren’t involved enough in the evidence-gathering.

The Human Condition Today
Timothy Fry, 22, is upset because his town council in England won’t let him exercise his two pet snakes in a park (with or without a leash, apparently) . . . . . What’s the problem? They were preparing the food just like a lot of small-town restaurants do in China—on top of a trash can (but this was Wilmington, N.C.) . . . . . Officials in Minnehaha County, S.D., rejected Randall and Vicki Eggert’s application to raise dogs on their farm, citing the "four pet" rule (but if they’d had farm animals instead of pets, the cut-off is, e.g, 150 pigs or 450 chickens) so the Eggerts brought in four pet "mammoth donkeys," that bray really loudly . . . . . An F-State woman said a construction worker on a ladder inside a Target store inadvertently peeked at her in a fitting room, and her husband looks near-suicidal: "[T]here’s a guy out there who knows what my wife looks like naked."

Your Daily Loser
Pablo Castro, 26, was taken to the hospital in Decatur, Ala., after being stabbed in a fight by a guy with a knife, and they patched him up and released him, and minutes later, he got into another fight with another guy, who stabbed him with a screwdriver, and Pablo was back in the ER.

A clothing-store burglar in Menden, Germany, was caught in the act and so pretended to be a mannequin (but he’s a guy, and the mannequin was a she).

Kobayashi (the Japanese hot-dog-eating guy) has reconsidered and said he’ll try to defend his Coney Island crown on July 4th (even though he still can barely open his mouth, due to jaw arthritis) [NOTW Daily, 6-26-2007].

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Not Safe For Work, I guess, though it’s actually a tourist attraction in Changchun in northern China (but a shameless tourist attraction!): a 30-ft-high phallus.

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