Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday’s 5-Star Special
Robert Bork, one of this era’s most famous conservative judges and who has lamented Americans’ increasing substitution of "legal rights" to make up for a diminishing sense of personal responsibility that our nation’s founders practiced but which we squishies don’t, filed a lawsuit against the sponsor of a 2006 speech, at which, while ascending to the dais, he fell and hit his head. (While it’s true the Yale Club might not have had a small riser to make ascending easier, it’s also true that a 79-yr-old man might have said, Hey, Wait a minute. I’m 79. I’m not stepping up there unless somebody helps me.)

Civilization in Decline
A Times of London dispatch from Ireland has a Lithuanian group visiting its ex-pats and reporting back that there’s a lot of discrimination going on, especially against Litho kids, with one specific reason being that Irish kids think Lithos are so much better looking than they are (Seriously) . . . . . The Queensland state gov’t in Australia now dishes out as partial punishment for recidivist, offensive spitters an anti-spit veil-type headgear (to wear in public) . . . . . Stories about the impending procreative uselessness of men have been around for a while, but here’s a particularly glum (from the standpoint of Yr Editor, who is a member of the peno-American community) update, from Toronto’s Globe & Mail.

The Human Condition Today
Yet another fella (age 29, Cleveland) jumped into the water because he thought his dog was in trouble, but, once again, the dog had mastered swimming better than the master . . . . . Matthew Tandy is alive today because he dressed as a gal; he had just robbed a drug store in Des Moines, Iowa, and, wielding a knife, was about to be shot by a pursuing cop, but then his pantyhose snagged on a wire fence, taking him down . . . . . A federal appeals court agreed that Eric Nenno is still a loser: The Texan who basically confessed to a gruesome child-killing in 1995 was not "coerced" into his statements just because the polygraph administrator refused to talk to him for six minutes after the test was over. (One court document had Nenno saying, when police asked what kind of person would commit a crime like that, Oh, Somebody like me.)

Your Daily Loser
Dwight Thomas, 19, needed to see his ex-girlfriend, who works at Sunrise Mall in East Massapequa, N.Y., and apparently he was in a hurry or couldn’t find a parking space, so he smashed in and drove around a bit, resulting in lots of damage and one injury (with one witness describing him behind the wheel as "smiling the whole time and laughing like this was nothing").

Corporate-sponsored video-game champion Victor DeLeon III got written up in the NY Times, with his significant stats being 9 (his age) and 5 (number of yrs on the pro tour) . . . . . The Lancet has a report on a 2005 surgery in Vancounver, B.C., in which doctors inserted a routine arterial line, expecting to see nice, bright-red blood, only it was the color of avocado skin, but not to worry because it wasn’t that "Alien" thingee.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Here’s another been-around evergreen for your viewing pleasure (or your disgust and rejection, depending): The Divine Interventions site, featuring for sale sex accessories in the likenesses of your favorite sacred graven images.

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