Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday’s 5-Star Special
Say It Ain’t So! NOTW has gotten much mileage out of keeping up with the escalating value of the late Italian artist Piero Manzoni’s canned feces [NOTW 298, 10-22-1993; NOTW 551, 8-28-1998; NOTW 757, 8-11-2002; NOTW 860, 8-1-2004], but now one of Manzoni’s buds says there was nothing in the tiny tins but plaster. Manzoni made 90, each containing, he said at the time, a little bit o’ his s**t, and over the years, collectors paid thousands of bucks each (making his caca worth more per ounce than gold), including once, in 1993, 75 large. Agostino Bonalumi said Manzoni had confided that he wanted to do a project to expose the art-buying public as idiots and that this is the one that had "gullible" written all over it. (A spokesman for Britain’s Tate gallery said that the actual content of the art is beside the point.)

The Human Condition Today
A sorta-familiar story, in a suburban-Chicago sex case: Horny man harasses woman, woman fights him off, they battle, woman happens to land a fatal blow (a kick). Well, that’s how it went down according to Ruth Kay, but Ruth wasn’t involved. The "man" and the "woman" in this story are horses, and the owner of the deceased horny stallion is suing Kay, the owner of the "I do, but not with you" mare, for destruction of property . . . . . NYC lawyer Sanford Young just won his $65 parking-ticket case, from, er, 2005, after three appeals and $10,000 in expenses (having to do with arriving at a space at "6:59 p.m." when the sign clearly said No Parking, 4-7 p.m.).

People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
A 43-yr old man in Melbourne, Australia, is about to be charged with at least one rape and maybe many more, based on videos he helpfully made of himself having his way with about 16 drugged women, and police said part of his shtik was to place a photograph of a certain hot TV babe over the victims’ faces while he got off.

"Alternative Lifestyles" getting mainstreamed: (1) A gang rumble in a Washington, D.C., suburb, featuring two bands of gays and lesbians; (2) Roman Catholic Colombia beats nearly every state in the U.S. in legalizing same-sex civil unions; (3) Officials of the Miss Spain and Mr. Spain pageants said that, from now on, trannies are welcome, in both contests.

Good Enough for Gov’t Work
Terrebonne Parish, La., computers might need updating, after Ronald Dominique’s name showed up in a jury-duty listing (since he’s the guy charged with 9 murders and who has actually confessed to 23).

Professor Music’s Weird Links
A sort-of Jewish Blessing-O-Matic, for the keychains of Jews who want to stop thinking and start eating ($14.95!).

Newsrangers: Joe Littrell, Ginger Katz
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