Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday’s 5-Star Special
Dr. Brady Barr, Nat’l Geographic’s go-to guy on idiotic challenges to reptiles, will soon appear on the show mingling with Nile crocodiles, which he was able to do in his croc suit made of glass fibre, aluminum, and Kevlar (and smeared with hippo dung, to mask his human smell). London’s Daily Mail has the pictures!

Civilization in Decline
The Environmental Working Group launched its online searchable database of federal agriculture subsidy recipients, to make it much easier to see how totally screwy the system is (in that subsidies are argued-for in order to help the "struggling" farmer, but the vast bulk goes to rich farmers or to loophole (i.e., non-) farmers like David Letterman and basketball player Scottie Pippin . . . . . The relationship between Utah developer Dell Loy Hansen and the non-subtle mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson, is deteriorating (Anderson: "Don’t touch me! I’ll kick your ass.") . . . . . It’s a wonder the brand-conscious family of Martin Luther King Jr. hasn’t sued to get the name off of the MLKing-Harbor Hospital (formerly, MLKing-Drew) in Los Angeles, whose patient-care record is by far the most dismal of area hospitals'. In May, a woman with a perforated bowel, bleeding from the mouth and writhing in pain on the floor of the ER, couldn’t draw doctors’ or nurses’ attention (There’s a procedure to go through!), and couldn’t get 911 to help her (because, after all, she was already in the ER!), and she died. Irrespective of this episode, King-Harbor’s recent inadequacies have forced a June 30 deadline for it to prove to the federal gov’t that it’s worthy of funding. How has it survived so many bad events? The Los Angeles Times explained.

The Human Condition Today
The NH Hoteles company in Spain will hand out mallets to chosen executives and invite them to imitate rock bands and trash the rooms of the NH Alcala hotel (which is to be renovated) (Bonus: The execs will be selected by a team of shrinks, perhaps to find the most psychopathic) . . . . . In Japan (with an increasingly durable elderly population), a sort-of nursing home for dogs opens (24-hr care, puppies running around to make the codger dogs feel younger) . . . . . A woman and her boyfriend were arrested in Houston, Tex., for allegedly pimping out her teenage daughters (Bonus: The perps printed up business cards) . . . . . Brit Ben Grocock, 13, is back to talking again, after enforcing his promise at age 3 never to speak again if his parents made him go through that tonsillectomy; the doctors called it "selective mutism" . . . . . A 17-yr-old had the idea (according to a park ranger) to pretend to fall off of a cliff at California’s Mount Diablo State Park, just for the camera, just to post on—but then he spoiled the fun by slipping and actually falling, 75 ft, getting wedged between two rocks; he’ll survive, but he’s in bad shape.

Japanese researchers have demonstrated that cockroaches have memory (or else how could they be conditioned to drool, as they do, at an odor reminding them of sugar?) . . . . . Towns get 15 minutes of fame, too: Delcambre, La., showed how easy it is, by passing an ordinance banning baggy pants that enable underwear- and crack- viewing, and now the whole world knows . . . . . Lance Aaron, 60, driving in New York City, had his car suddenly crushed when a 40-ft shipping container came loose from a flatbed truck and landed on the passenger side of his car; he’s fine . . . . . The U.S.’s largest carbon dioxide producer, American Electrical Power Co., will make things a tiny bit better by buying a few "carbon offsets," i.e., burning off manure-pit methane before it can rise up and cause trouble, but the money fact from the Wall Street Journal story is that an ordinary cow produces 115 lbs. of manure a day. [pay per view]

Professor Music’s Weird Links
They call it a silicone "nerve" bra, but it seems more like just having a lit-up Las Vegas marquee on each cup. Apparently, it’s for women who (according to Super Newsranger Ginger Katz) think men don’t pay enough attention to breasts. "[P]art bra, part sculpture, part social disturbance," and, yes, you can buy one.

NOTW, The Blog
It looks like crazy Ed and Elaine Brown, the home-tax-schooled IRS resisters in Plainfield, N.H., who were sentenced to five yrs each in the slammer in January but who won’t leave their large house [Ed.: I know, I know; if they’re anti-gov’t types, you’re supposed to call it a "compound," but, really, it’s just a big house], won’t be able to play Rope-a-Dope: Federal marshals are just going to wait them out rather than invade. Internet yahoos are creating quite a bit of indulgence for them, and their house was designed to function "off the grid," i.e., without need of local utilities, which have been turned off. As with nearly all the tax resisters you read about, the main problem stems from their very selective reading of tax statutes and the Internal Revenue Code, which leaves them believing, in childlike astonishment, that they have discovered something that was missed by virtually every tax lawyer, law professor, and state and federal legislator, judge, and law enforcement officer in the land.

Newsrangers: Ginger Katz, Julio Yeste, Bruce Townley, Emory Kimbrough, Diane Gunnels-Rowley.
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