Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday’s 5-Star Special
Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph (London) has an art anecdote from 1998, recalling how prominent theater director Sir Trevor Nunn once spent the equivalent of about $50K for a Damien Hirst painting, only to be informed by Hirst when they met at a party that the painting was just a paint-splashing by his then-2-yr-old boy and the boy’s friend. (Bonus: Greater Fool Theory at work: Nunn sold it for the equivalent of $85K)

Civilization in Decline
ABC News reported last night (with video) an Al Qaeda commencement ceremony (well, it’s June!) in Afghanistan, with 300 graduating suicide bombers, who will seek work overseas (U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany) . . . . . Multiculturalism: An E.coli outbreak in China Grove, N.C., around Salisbury, is suspected to have started at the very popular Captain’s Galley restaurant after "Latinos" that work in the kitchen decided to butcher a goat after hours . . . . . Unclear on the Concept of Punishment: A former Interior Dept. official, who was caught up in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal and who pleaded guilty, recently asked for a "public service" sentence, specifically to go lobby for a not-for-profit organization promoting snowmobiling in nat’l parks . . . . . The prison system in Scotland (1) granted a murderer a week’s leave, (2) even though he once escaped and (3) now expresses surprise when he doesn’t return.

The Human Condition Today
Goes Around, Comes Around: A research team from the University of Tennessee has hypothesized that people who eat expensive foie gras (goose liver, often from geese raised solely for their livers) might be susceptible to dementia . . . . . A suicide try in the Ocala, Fla., jail, using basic tools (i.e., pounded an ink pen into his eye with a Bible) . . . . . And speaking of the F State, the fugitive Orlando "boy band producer"/$500M Ponzi-scheme suspect Lou Pearlman, captured in Bali over the weekend, met with a judge in Guam and immediately complained about the jail’s lumpy mattress and how much stress he's under . . . . . Major League Eating (the NFL of competitive hot-dog contests) is touting Juliet Lee, age 41, 107 lbs., as its breakout star of the year after she won in Norfolk, Va., with 26 in 12 minutes, in a prelim to the July 4th nationals.

Your Daily Loser
Jonathan Lefever, 20, broke into a shed in Bushnell, Fla., marked "poisonous snakes," and stole five, which happened a little while before he was taken to Leesburg Regional Hospital with a snake bite.

Uh-oh, a traditional folk healer in mostly-Muslim Malaysia is drawing attention because she treats her patients while she’s nude, dancing around, speaking either in tongues (OK) or Quranic-sounding phrases (not OK) . . . . . Trevor Phillips, head of the UK’s Comm’n for Equality and Human Rights, is officially apologizing for his weekend after-dinner speech, in which he earnestly recalled an episode as a lad when he had the opportunity to dance with the Queen Mother, and the one rule he remembered receiving beforehand was that, when he put his hands on her to dance, he had to be careful about the colostomy bag.

Good Enough for Gov’t Work
He was wrongly on the U.S.’s no-fly list, and it took four months of paperwork to get him off—and this guy runs the London (Ontario) Int’l Airport!

This is beating a dead horse, but Yr Editor loves the story from the last election cycle [NOTW Daily, 10-16-2006] where a Kansas state legislator got physical (resulting in a small cut) with an anti-abortion protester dressed as a cockroach (because the clinics are allegedly unsanitary); Rep. Vaughn Flora pleaded no-contest to misdemeanor assault last month, and Friday, the cockroach (Troy Newman) filed a lawsuit against Flora.

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NOTW, The Blog
A reader complained that yesterday’s Professor-Music link to the comprehensive B&D website was way over the top for NOTW and that I should be criminally liable if one of you clicked on the link, convinced yourself to try some of that stuff, and hurt yourself (or worse). Hence, (1) Beware of all that if you go back and click the link, which undoubtedly you’ll do after reading this note, and (2) please drop me a line if you actually did click it yesterday and either were traumatized or have since felt yourself edging toward harmful behavior.

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