Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday’s 5-Star Special
As long-time readers know, there is no genre of stories that Yr Editor appreciates more than the tales of people who stop their cars on the side of the road at night to whiz, only to experience tragedy. The driver of the Toyota Echo near Orlando didn’t plunge to his death Tuesday morning, but his car did, down a hill and into a pond (which was deep enough that six divers weren’t immediately able to find the car).

Civilization in Decline
Chicago’s WBBM-TV learned that 47 more employee access badges are missing from O’Hare Airport, running the total to 3,807 . . . . . Another of those "other shoe falls" things: A Middle East researcher finds that Middle East women have way-bad Vitamin D counts, mostly from all those sun-blocking fashions they wear . . . . . And Israeli researchers have "succeeded" in removing the two best features of tomatoes (taste and lycopene) by adding genes giving a lemon or rose flavor and which provide a longer shelf life . . . . . On Oklahoma’s death row, Jimmy Dale Bland was switched from his lung-cancer chemotherapy over to that other kind of chemo, with swift results . . . . . London’s Daily Mail has dug out two pretty severe cases of fatherhood abuse: Michael Cox has half-custody but has to pay as if he’s an absentee father because of a wrinkle in the tax law (and is now off to jail because he won’t pay that other half), and Mark Harris has totaled 133 court appearances in 10 yrs of custody battles, but finally two of his daughters got what they wanted all along: to live with him . . . . . On the other side of the Atlantic, a super-permissive court system: A New Jersey judge gives probation-only to 10 kids who trashed a house ($18K damage, including from the Big 3 male bodily fluids) and not only didn’t they apologize in court (well, two sorta did) but neither did their parents (except one did) (and the only thing the kids had to pay was the $750 that the victim's insurance didn't cover).

The Human Condition Today
A 2-yr-old Arizona boy, trapped in a pickup truck that rolled down several embankments and wreaked much havoc, is fine, but he’ll probably now have to spend the next 70 yrs or so in search of duplicating that one, early thrill . . . . . People Different From Us: Mary Riley, 45, was charged with aggravated battery because she really, really (for some reason, unexplained) wanted that beach towel that Lauri Kortum was lying on . . . . . Monday’s Dayton Daily News for some reason ran an April 7 police blotter entry, from Tipp City, describing the arrest of a 34-yr-old woman who had been spotted several times driving 12-yr-olds around in the middle of the night to ring kids’ doorbells and run away (which she and the kids referred to as "ding dong ditching").

Your Daily Loser
The St. Peterburg Times ran a long story Sunday about a seriously gullible female chiropractor who spent into the mid six figures to help her new love, NY Mets pitcher "Pedro Martinez" (for whom "mid six figures" is nearly chump change), and of course it wasn’t Pedro, but Dr. Rhonda Schroeder was blinded by the light.

A judge in Santa Ana, Calif., ruled that Stephen Son’s promise to repay Kim Jinsoo the $140K Kim invested in Son’s business [NOTW 967, 8-20-2006] was unenforceable because it was, er, written in blood (which makes it more sacred in some cultures but not to Santa Ana’s Nietzsche-spouting judge) . . . . . More extreme ironing [NOTW 853, 6-13-2004; NOTW 819, 10-19-2003; NOTW 774, 12-8-2002] (but actually, amateur stuff): Explorer scouts in a raft floated down England’s Ribble River, er, River Ribble, for 200 meters, while making sure those creases were perfect.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
It’s always good to step back and pay tribute to the pioneers, and here’s the lady neuroscience blogger revisiting the hero who did the first, er, monkey-to-human testicle transplant, in, um, 1920. You didn’t know, did you?

NOTW, The Blog
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