Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday’s 5-Star Special
CBS News did a big story on Kyle Krichbaum, 12, Adrian, Mich., who collects, er, vacuum cleaners (n=165), vacuums his own house up to 5x a day, has honed his obsession since infancy; it’s left to his older sister to explain: "He’s constantly vacuuming. It's always loud in my house. I’m just like why, why, why, why, why, why? I don’t understand."

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Civilization in Decline
Sure, the FCC gets hysterical about a micro-glimpse of Janet Jackson’s areola, but then it’s powerless to do anything about this? [Warning: way-offensive word!] . . . . . F-State Justice: He got 25 yrs for possessing 58 Vicodin pills (that’s automatic "trafficking" in these parts), and the state statute cuts no slack if you’ve got, like, a prescription for ‘em, and only last week did a court find a problem with that . . . . . The Little League apparently hands out copies of the rulebook only on a "need to know" basis, with an umpire in Virginia not quite qualifying, according to commentary in yesterday’s Washington Post (LL is afraid that the rulebook will encourage litigation) . . . . . Another Washington Post piece looks closely at the latest viral Internet video in this "golden age of inanity" (the "I like turtles" zombie boy, in the "purest form" of the inanity: "meaninglessness squared").

The Human Condition Today
Add to the list of the world’s "super-sized" ballerina (etc.) troupes: Danza Voluminosa, of Havana, exquisitely reviewed this morning in the NY Times ("And when their dance becomes frenetic, the sheer weight of the dancers thudding across the stage conveys an excitement akin to a stampede, something out of control and wild, yet made of human flesh and blood") . . . . . In Phoenix on Saturday morning, police raided an exorcism in progress (on a 3-yr-old girl), but actually a successful exorcism, in that Satan apparently departed the girl and landed in the exorcist, who dropped dead shortly after police arrived . . . . . Those ubiquitous UK surveillance cameras scored again: The Kirklees Council was able to detect that the dog poop continually being left at a certain spot was made by the same, uh, human pooper . . . . . A trustee/choir-member at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic in Mountainside, N.J., was charged with 11 yrs of stealing from the collection plates, $28k worth.

The Transcendental Meditation people are back at it, promising that the Dow will regain last week’s losses and rise to 17,000 soon, since 1,800 concentrators are at work right now producing positive energy, and in fact, if 700 more join, crime will drop big-time, and almost all social and political problems will be solved (except "world peace," which will require 8,000 yogic flyers) . . . . . Here’s more information on the uninhibited pedophile from Washington state, who has now moved to Los Angeles and will soon, he said, re-launch his website that waxes rhapsodic about little girls and where to find them (even though he says he’s against "touching"); the authorities say there’s not a damned thing they can do to stop his posts.

Professor Music’s Weird Links has lots of photo features on it, most uninteresting to Yr Editor, but these two, at least, cover NOTW ground: 10 Most Bizarre Sports (half of which have made NOTW in some form) and 10 Real-Life Superheroes in Masks.

NOTW, The Blog
OK, enough of this whining. Try this out: It has to be six days a week, not three. However, two or three times a month, I’ll take a day off, usually with previous-day notice. Posts will be shorter. Instead of covering 16 to 18 items, I’ll only do 8, 7, 9, something like that. Posting will usually be done by, gasp, 10 a.m. NY time. My recommendation: Sign up for the e-mail. It’ll be brief, even if you choose to click the links. You can know the most ridiculous underreported news of the day in a minute or two. OK, I’m done with the self-pity. See you tomorrow.

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