Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday’s 5-Star Special
The reach of Global Warming: A glaciologist in India said GW’s at least partly responsible for the melting of the Amarnath stalagmite in the Himalayas, which is the phallic icicle that is one of Hindus’ holiest pilgrimage sites, as the symbol of the very phallic Lord Shiva. It’s only about 1/10th its original size, but still a worshipful 12 ft tall.

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Civilization in Decline
The Wages of Rumsfeld: The armored vehicles that are perhaps 4x as safe as Humvees but which Rummy always rejected, are now on a balls-out production schedule (Bonus: Joe Biden figured out that the delay maybe cost over 700 U.S. lives) . . . . . In our system of federalism, states are dynamic laboratories for federal solutions, y’know, like Alabama Gov. Riley’s call for statewide prayer to end the drought, and Oelwein, Iowa,’s Friday night "funeral procession" down main street to officially "bury" all negative thoughts about the town . . . . . Illinois Justice: Two guys planned to kill four people in 1985, but needed a stranger just to knock on the door to surprise them and so paid Charles Green $25 to do it. Murder mission accomplished, but guess which one of the three perps is the only one still in prison? . . . . . And speaking of justice, as Der Spiegel reports, all of the Nazi-era criminals have now been dealt with in Germany and have served their terms, except a couple of people charged with "treason" in 1944, because "treason" is a serious charge (except that the "treason" they committed were things like helping Jews escape).

The Human Condition Today
A Ponzi scheme in a small-town: 51 of the 121 victims lost amounts of $10 to $400 . . . . . It might be just the second time in history, said the FAA, but a window broke in flight last week in Idaho, and a guy got half-sucked-out of the plane . . . . . A challenging business model in Toronto: a pizza deliverer who includes a porno pic underneath every pie . . . . . A UK psychologist said she has evidence that babies start lying to their parents when they’re 6 months old, and that it goes downhill from there.

People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Arthur Friedman talked his wife into mate-swapping, and he apparently had a great time until she fell in love with one of the other swappers, and now Arthur is livid ("[The other guy] backstabbed me"). On the other hand, he sued the guy for "alienation of affection," and despite the case’s stench, a jury compromised at $4,802.87 (which of course didn't help the wife's confidence at all).

A murder verdict in Tucson, Ariz., but his given middle name isn’t Wayne (It’s Sweetie) . . . . . They’ve been trying for yrs to get Lonesome George, the Galapagos turtle, to mate, but it may be futile, says Swiss biologist Sveva Grigioni, who is apparently one of the world’s leading tortoise hand-jobbers . . . . . Longtime Sasquatch researcher Thomas Buckley died last week, which reminded us that from his one face-to-face with Bigfoot, Buckley said the thing really ought to have been named Bigbutt.

Good Enough for Gov’t Work
A research institute announced, for the upcoming 40th birthday of the Freedom of Information Act, that the State Dept. still has 10 FOIA requests for records that have been pending for at least 15 yrs . . . . . Latest report card on Boston’s Big Dig: They’ve cut the leaks on the 4-yr-old tunnel to a mere 1,900,000 gallons a month . . . . . Canada and the U.S. are squabbling over ownership of Machias Seal Island, mainly for the rich lobster fishing around it, but a Maine lobsterman said get the gov’t out of the picture: "When you get a bunch of lobstermen in the same room, we can usually solve our problems. You know, half a gallon of rum, three hours, and usually we come out with a workable solution. But when governments get involved, someone always wants to one-up someone else to get a feather in their cap."

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Safe for Work (but maybe not for weak tummies): snapshots from the actual wedding of two dedicated hangers (as in, they like to suspend themselves from hooks)

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